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Signs You Might Be Having Scorpions in Your House

Signs You Might Be Having Scorpions in Your House

Your home may be a host of many other ecosystems that encourage other small animals like scorpions to hide. 

Bathroom areas, windows with no seals, dirt, and any point of entry at home are a welcome sign to scorpions looking for shelter.

Here are some specific areas where you may find scorpions inside your home.


Scorpions are active at night and prefer cool and shady spaces. 

If you live in hot areas with some cold spots may be a sign that scorpions are not that far away from your doorstep.

Scorpions love sheltered places that are also damp within the house. A perfect place to be wary about is the laundry room.

Before you go to bed, leave the bathroom dry and do not leave damp clothes lying on the floor.

Living Close to Citrus Trees

The connection between scorpion and citrus trees may not be apparent, however, if you have some citrus trees in the garden, scorpions could be lurking around. 

The most common type of scorpion lurking in these trees is the Bark scorpion.

Experts dealing with Scorpion control in Arizona are familiar with this type of scorpion and warn that they are capable of hiding under rocks, on tree barks, and sheds hanging around the yard.

Scorpions Mark New Territory

Scorpions will try to claim the next available space with a suitable condition for them to breed. 

You can notice their presence in numbers once they find comfort. Any sign of one could indicate that many are lurking in your compound.

You are likely to find their hiding spots in flowerbeds, under rock piles, beneath cracks, and coiled hoses.

Presence of Insects

The presence of some reptiles that feed on other insects such as spiders or cockroaches could indicate that you have scorpions. 

Bugs are a prime source of food to the scorpions, failing to control these bugs may invite them to come for more.

Home Entryways

Scorpions will always find a way to get to your house. They use the electric lines, phone lines, or any open spaces that lead inside the house.

Make sure that all areas such as bathrooms and kitchen have proper sealing’s around the doors and windows.

Undisturbed Areas

You may need to seek help professional help from pests’ specialists to look for scorpions in all corners of the house, behind curtains, and areas that are usually left undisturbed.

Areas that scorpions love to hide include the spare bedroom and the small cracks on walls that border the dark and quiet areas.

You Live in a Warm Climate

Scorpions are common in warm weather climates with a possibility they will find shade in your house. 

Living in such places demands that you have a clean compound and make sure the local pest control experts do regular checks on your property.

In most cases, we fail to spot the scorpions at home because of their translucent body. Unless you are looking for a scorpion, you are unlikely to see one.

You need to make sure that all pets and children are safe from their venomous sting.

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