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Painting A Door Concept

Take off all of the hardware on the door with a screwdriver such as hinges door lock and handle. Then you can lay it horizontally on sawhorses.

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Hole in the bottom of the door and two at the top then turn 4-in.

Painting a Door. Immediately after that get a brush and paint the shallow bits again going with the grain of the wood in a clockwise direction. Clean the door and use a palm sander to roughen the flat surfaces of existing paint Image 1. Prep Your Door for Painting The success of any paint job always starts with good prep work.

The texture that rollers impart works well for walls and ceilings but isnt attractive on doors or wood trim. The easiest way to paint a door is to remove the door then remove the knobs and latch. If you use a roller backbrush immediately with a wide brush or pad to smooth the roller stipple.

Excess paint causes visible drips. Paint the counters of the door with primer first and then use a roller for the flat surfaces. 2 Use sandpaper to smooth the surface and wipe the dust off with a clean damp rag.

If the door has not already been painted or primed apply a coat of primer. Consider a paint additive to slow down drying and improve leveling. Paint the door from the top down using a wide brush for corners or crevices and a small roller for flat panels.

Make sure to use interior primer for your interior door. The easiest way to paint a door is to remove it from the doorframe. Leave the other edge unpainted so it matches the inside of the door.

Paint the edges first The edges of your door should be painted first so they have the longest time to dry. Wipe the entire door clean with a dry rag to remove dust Image 3. Paint the door with an oil-based primer.

You can either paint your doors in place or take them down and paint them on sawhorses. Your primer should be a similar shade to the final paint color. You can also tape a tarp over the opening if you prefer to remove your door to paint.

Painting a door is a race against time. Spread the sawhorses apart just enough so that the door doesnt touch either side but rests entirely on the bolts. Wash the surface of the door with a degreasing dish soap and rinse with a clean damp cloth to remove any soap residue.

You may have to hand sand in the crevices and around the trim Image 2. Check out this approach to painting doors. Prep Work for Painting You can paint your door in place or remove it from the hinges if you have a storm or glass door to protect your home and keep bugs and debris from floating into your home.

To paint a flat door start by painting the inside hinge edge working around the door in one direction. Place the door on sawhorses and then youre ready to paint. Use a brush for this narrow space for better control.

Wipe it down with a damp rag just before painting. You have to lay down the paint and smooth it out before it becomes too sticky to work with or so stiff that brush marks wont level out and disappear. Its faster and looks just as good as brushing almost I still prefer a brushed door but the rolled method is gr.

Now that the topside of your door is painted and dry you should flip the door and repeat the painting process on the other side. Also be careful to not load too much paint on your brush at one time. This will help give the primer a better surface to adhere to.

Lag screws 1-12 in. Let the primer dry before painting. Using a paint roller paint the panels in the same direction as the grain of the wood or up and down if you imagine you were looking straight ahead at the door.

Paint a flat door with a brush pad or roller with a 14-inch nap or foam sleeve. If your door already has knobs on it I recommend removing them its easier than painting around them. If its an old door you may want to give it a light sanding before you start.

Painting the Reverse Side Second Coat and Reinstalling 1 Paint the reverse side of your door. But removing the door can also be a pain especially if its a large solid wood door. Work up from the inside bottom across the header and down the striker side.

Painting a door on sawhorses eliminates potential drips and is easier on your back. Make long strokes with the brush and clean any visible lines on the front of the door with a dry cloth. If you are only painting the outside of your door you only want to paint the edge that will be visible when the door is open.

Start with a dust-free door.

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