Yes I Want A Flat-Pack Kitchen Please


Locally made top quality kitchens are available directly from eKitchens Perth factory, in simple to assemble, durable design. Ordering and installing your brand-new kitchen is so simple, with custom made flat pack eKtichen designs. Their online system lets you choose every aspect of the cupboard configuration, colour and size, from an ever-increasing range.

The History of the Flat Pack

Flat pack furniture has a longer history than you probably realise, as far back as Chinese trade furniture from the 16th century.  A US patent from Justus Ask, of Salem, Ohio in 1878 states: “The invention relates to that class of furniture which is so constructed that it may be packed and transported in parts and put together for use by skilled or unskilled persons.”

With modern techniques and materials, the Kitchen flat pack kitchen cabinets are of superior quality than ever before, so by buying flat pack kitchens Perth made, you are certainly not compromising on quality or sacrificing convenience over craftsmanship.

So What Are the Advantages of Flat Pack Kitchens for Perth Homeowners?

Flat packing has several main advantages over either inbuilt cabinets or pre-assembled kitchens.

Cost Saving – Instantly Eliminate Installation And Assembly Costs.

  • The labour costs from assembling furniture can be extensive and cover not just the staff costs but all the incidentals that come with having a team employed just for assembling furniture. These can include production lines, space, tools, and staff costs such as wages, lunch rooms, PEP and health and safety requirements.
  • Installation expenses add up and will need to cover transporting teams to the site, providing tools, equipment and time costs.

Convenience – A Major Plus When Using Flat Pack Technology

  • You can assemble and simply place the flat pack kitchen cabinets yourself at a time that is convenient to you. If tradesmen are coming to your house you need to take time out to let them in and accommodate their presence.
  • Have the freedom to fit the cabinets without the need for consultation or explanations to a third party.

Let’s Look At Transport.

  • A ready built cabinet takes up so much more space than a kitchen flat pack and is more difficult to load into a truck for transporting.
  • Ready-built cabinets need to be protected from potential moving damage so have to be packed appropriately, adding extra time and materials costs to the project.
  • Likewise, building cabinets on the spot requires the transport of materials and equipment, as well as tradesmen.

World Class Materials and Construction, Locally Made

E-kitchens are a local WA company and manufacture all their cabinets on site.  Australian HMR (High Moisture Resistant) 16mm particle board with matching 1mm ABS edging and world class BLUM Inserta Soft Closing Hinges, made in German contribute to their award-winning design.  Their flat pack cabinets use a durable mortise and tenon construction for simple assembly.

Call us to discuss your requirements for a brand-new set of kitchen cabinets or simply go online and order your size, style and colour, and wait for delivery. Your kitchen cabinet will arrive flat packed with complete, easy to follow instructions, or for 20% extra, can be assembled by our helpful staff for you.

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