Working with Quality Tree Surgeons


Whether for private or commercial work, tree care is an important and specialised field within the service industry. It includes work such as tree surgery, hedge trimming, stump grinding, site clearance, planting, and tree preservation. These projects should only be undertaken by experienced professionals with the correct equipment and knowledge.

Tree Surgery

This is a specific and highly sought-after branch of tree care that encompasses a large range of services:

  • Crown reductions, lifting, and thinning
  • Felling and sectional felling
  • Dead wooding
  • Pollarding
  • Cable bracing
  • Coppicing
  • Stump removal

When hiring Newton Abbot tree surgeons, find a company that provides all these services with a guarantee of quality and professional work. The company you work with should come prepared to deal with all aspects of tree care.

Exceptional Service

Ask for a free quote before moving forward with any work. Good tree surgeons should offer you a quote without obligation before expecting to go ahead with any assignments. Most importantly, check that the tree surgeons you are working with have full liability and insurance cover. Don’t take a chance on a company without this as you should never be responsible for covering damage costs.

Tree care is a difficult job and shouldn’t be left to unsupervised amateurs. Quality professionals should have all the necessary industry experience along with specialised equipment to complete the job well. Ask to see a portfolio of the company or read their online portfolio so that you can feel secure in knowing that you’re being well looked after.

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