Why You Will Use GRP Fiberglass Flat Roofing for Your Home


Installing a new roof for your home is definitely a large investment and you should research thoroughly to find the best solutions for your house. Whether you are installing a roof for your garage, conservatory or just as the flat roof extension, you should be confident enough to make the best choice that can bring peace of mind for you in future as well. There are various materials used in the flat roof construction and by far the best option in our opinion, is the GRP fiberglass roof It is durable and sturdy as compared to other materials available.

Now, the question is why would you choose the GRP fibreglass flat roofing in the place of rubber EPDM. or the other single ply, membrane roofing? Most of the people may think that GRP is a new concept and it is an untested technology. But, GRP is a tested technology and it’s been used in various industrial sectors for more than 50 years. We all know that the quality of the roof has a huge impact on the home. The material that you are choosing for the roof should be strong enough to handle all the harsh conditions. If you are installing a poor-quality roof, then all your efforts will be wasted and you will end up losing a huge sum of money. There are various roofing options available; among all, fibreglass flat roofing is considered as the best one.

The durability of GRP roof

There is no doubt that the fibreglass flat roofing is very durable than other types of roofs available in the market. FRP is resistant to chemicals, heat, electricity and moisture. Thus, it lasts long as compared to the other materials like steel, wood and aluminium. GRP roofs do not deteriorate as like the same rate of rubber. Added to the durability, this GRP roofing requires very less maintenance. There are no seams or joints that allow the water to get in the home. The FRP roofs provide peace of mind as it lasts for more than 10 years.

Water resistant

Fibreglass is preferred at the industrial zones where there is a requirement of the watertight platform. As told earlier GRP flat roofing is not having any seams or joints, thus. No weak point’s When talking about the rubber membranes, they also have joints that is a weak point in the structure that will allow water entering and damaging the property.

The functionality of GRP roofing

One of the best reasons to use the GRP roofs is that they can be molded in various forms like the flat surfaces, round and the square surfaces as well. Functionality is very important when you are looking for the best material in building the roof. The GRP roofs are completely maintenance free just like Dry verge caps that help keep tiles held down to the roof tightly. Even the GRP flat roofing is available in various colors and textures.

Thus, if you are thinking off installing a roof, for your garage or home, you can choose the GRP flat roofing for the best results and long-lasting purposes.

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