Why Piling Is Necessary: Looking at the Options


Piling is necessary to give a foundation strength. Therefore, the use of piling is often recommended when a foundation needs a repair or when a building is built on weakened soil. Various piling methods can be used depending on the nature of the soil, the type of repair, or the kind of structure that is being built.

For example, CFA piling involves drilling a continuous flight auger (CFA) into the soil. When the auger reaches a specific depth, concrete or a sand-cement grout is used to fill the pile whilst the auger is gradually withdrawn. The bearing capacity of CFA piles is influenced by operator experience and the type of equipment that is used.

Open Bore Piling

Open bore piling may also be used in some circumstances. This type of piling method is recommended for use in cohesive-type soils, sand, or chalk. The auger rotates to the required depth before a cage made of steel is placed in the opening and filled with concrete.

Open bore piling is often used on sites that are large and open. The rotary auger used for this type of work is ideal in situations where minimal vibration is needed and is best used next to underground services or buildings.

A Service Provider in the Industry

Companies, such as Cannon Piling, use the above-mentioned piling methods as well as contiguous and secant piling techniques and driven cased piles at construction sites. They also provide groundwork and design services.

When contiguous and secant piling are used, contiguous walls are primarily employed to hold back soil for excavations. Secant walls are created to build retaining walls. These pile walls are often placed near roads, buildings, and other sensitive foundations and buildings. The walls are often used to develop an ongoing watertight wall.

That is why secant piling is frequently recommended in the construction of concrete retaining walls, which are used for flood defences or the building of basements. Normally, hard secant walls are preferred over soft secant piling because the hard walls are much better for resisting water.

Driven Cased Piles – Affordable Solutions

Driven cased piles are easy to drive because light and thin casings can be used. In turn, the piles are more affordable, too. These piles supply flexibility because they can be lengthened or cut as casings or can be provided in a large range of thicknesses, diameters, or lengths.

Driven cased piles, when made of steel, are installed using an internal drop hammer. By taking this approach, a solid set depth can be realised and achieved.

As you can see, each piling method meets the specific criteria for building a building or repairing a foundation. That is why you need to confer with a company that offers all-inclusive piling services. By taking this initiative, you can repair foundations or build structures with confidence.

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