Seeking to replace your old looking patio? This informative piece will give you reasons why pavers are the perfect choice for a new patio. You will also learn why you should choose Fairfield CT masonry contractors to help you get the work done.

Here are some of the reasons why pavers the best option for your patio

  1. Safety

When it comes to safety and a sturdy surface texture, pavers are a great choice. Paves offer a flat smooth surface which reduces the possibility of people tripping.

Rough cobblestones and cut stones provide a bumpy surface which at times pose the risk of people slipping or tripping. Especially those who use wheelchairs, walkers and walking canes. But with the smooth, even surface you get from the pavers, there are no such risks.

  1. Durability

Pavers don’t crack or fade. They last longer when compared to the traditional concrete slabs. They are made with materials that provide a tighter pack that will be able to endure whatever the environment brings their way. This is because they are able to contract and expand slightly with each season thus preventing the cracking witnessed in concrete slabs.

  1. Easy to replace

Pavers are easy to replace. Patios constructed from a solid concrete layer are quite costly to repair and will always look terrible when repaired. They lose the original beauty which was present during construction. However, single pavers, or even groups of them, can easily be replaced and still look as good as new without the expense of total replacement.

  1. 4. Ready for use

Concrete slabs take about 5 days before they are ready for driving or a heavy foot traffic. On the other hand, once installed pavers are ready for use, be it for driving purposes or walking on. In simple terms, there is no curing period while using pavers, you are can enjoy your pavers right away after installation.

  1. Endless architectural styles

There is no limit to possible designs, styles, and shapes with the pavers. Pavers are the gateway to designing the most stylish and graceful curves for your patios.

Unlike concrete, pavers are small and simple allowing you to give your patio more of a modern look.

  1. Colorful choices

Forget the old fashioned grey concrete color. Pavers come in a variety of colors that are simply not available with concrete. This will allow you to craft your unique patio with the perfect pattern and color combination for you.

  1. More permeable

Pavers are the best for the ground. Pavers give you a more environmentally friendly approach to patio construction. Also with a more permeable patio, you will be able to solve any drainage issue that you might be experiencing.

  1. Beauty to last

Have you ever spilled oil on a concrete surface? If yes you might have noticed the spot turned out to be a permanent eyesore since it couldn’t be replaced. This is however not the case with pavers.

Pavers can easily be changed, quickly flipped and replaced with new pavers of the same kind and shape. You will surely have value for your money since pavers tend to be more long-lasting than their counterparts.

Despite all the beauty and advantage linked to installing pavers on your patio, there are some disadvantages to take note of.

  1. Stains

Pavers are known to take in a lot of stains. Especially oil stains. This will require you to commit yourself to a thorough cleaning regularly to keep your patio clean.

  1. Repeating shapes

At times it is important to appreciate there is some beauty in the irregular shapes of cut stones. Cut stones get your patio out of the monotonous look and a chance to be more creative with your patio designs.

This is however not the case with pavers. Pavers have solid repeating shapes and textures.

You can overcome by hiring a pro to do a disguise to the repeating shape during the installation.

  1. 3. Weeds

It’s common for plants to sprout where there is a joint or some dirt on the crevices of the pavers.

Why choose Fairfield masonry

Fairfield masonry are the gurus in exterior masonry for southern CT.

Exterior masonry involves the design and installation features to your home by use of bricks concrete and gravel. Fairfield helps in designing amazing patios outdoor kitchens walkways and much more.

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