Why Not Look at a Super King Quilt Cover


Do you have a king size mattress – why not get a super king quilt cover?

Manchester Collection has everything for a unique bedroom and you can start with the inspiration of a super king quilt cover. They pride themselves on offering designs that are currently trending to a super great price and these quilt covers stand the test of time to be passed down from generation to generation.


 This website offers everything from the timeless classics to contemporary prints that are currently trending. It does not matter whether you love the freshness and simplicity of the plain white quilt covers to ones that are more sophisticated like quilted super king doona cover. They have a very large range that is exclusive to make your selection from. This Manchester Collection offers exclusive brands that include:

  • Avanti Manchester
  • Bellevue
  • Embassy Royale
  • Allura Linen Hotel Collection
  • Pavillion cushion concepts
  • Many more

Your bedroom decoration that you build to go with your quilt cover set is really not totally finished until you coordinate with the important accessories including:

  • Cushions
  • Throws
  • Home décor items

Then you will have completed your perfect look for a bedroom you can call your own.

Quilt feel

 If your mattress seems too high and your quilt feelstoo small, it is recommended that you can find asuper king quilt doona that is available. There are just a few things to think about – things about sizing you should note. When sizing up from King to Super King both the length and the width of the quilts are larger by 30 cm which is 15 cm on each side. That 15 cm on both sides is normally enough to achieve that optimal look that you are looking for.

Something else

 Another decision when choosing a doonais normally to avoid heavy quilts or mid filing quilts which have the tendency to be popular in super king. Often with these larger sizes, air pockets come to be trapped so there are no cold spots; therefore, you do not need heavy quilt unless you prefer the extra weight.


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