Why Do You Need a Building Survey Done?


Did you know that skilled people have been surveying the land for centuries? Even hundreds of years ago, people used their knowledge of the local landscape and measurements that provided first-hand information useful in the drawing of more accurate maps and planning for towns, fortifications, and villages. These days, the technology has moved on, but the importance of surveying has not changed.

How Modern Surveying Has Changed

These days, trusted building surveyors in Dorking use laser technology and advanced software to do their job. Though the importance of it remains much the same as it did in the past, the tools available have not only made it easier and quicker, but they have also greatly improved accuracy.

So, why might you need to hire a professional surveying company? Consider the following:

  • Building: Whether you’re a homeowner or you have a business, it’s really important to have accurate measurements done in the case of renovation or extension work. This is especially true for Heritage listed buildings, where it is crucial to adhere to guidelines.
  • Blueprints: If you’re renovating a building, having accurate measurements of all of the rooms and the dimensions of the building is essential for drawing up a blueprint or draft. This can then be used by architects and other professionals.

Make Sure You Use an Expert

Having access to accurate measurements is critical for building or renovation work on buildings, whether they are homes, offices, of Heritage listed buildings. Laser technology is indispensable in these cases.



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