Why Are So Many People Opting to Buy a Swimming Pool Kit?


Inevitably, when someone decides to install a pool they face a question. Do they go with a swimming pool kit, or opt for the full shebang? When you look at the facts, it’s easy to see why a kit is such a tempting prospect, and it may explain why it’s the choice of so many.


The biggest factor is the price. While a traditional pool can cost as much as $70,000, a kit is just a fraction of the price. While this is the main consideration for the majority of people- there are plenty of other factors involved.


The point of a pool is to provide your family and friends with recreation and relaxation. It’s supposed to be fun. However, a traditional pool goes beyond that- there’s design to consider, as well as maintenance and the property surrounding it. The material quality of an in-ground pool results in greater costs, which puts that option out of cost reach of many.

A pool kit offers the same great benefits, for a much lower price.


Your pool can be just as big with a pool kit as it can with an in-ground option. The only limitation is the depth. Your pool kit is generally one even depth, while the in-ground pool will have deep and shallow areas.


Many people will suggest that the maintenance is the exact same- and while it’s mostly true, there is more to it than that. Failing to maintain an in-ground pool is more devastating. Both options require regular cleaning and maintenance, but provided you’re not installing decking along with your swimming pool kit- you have less to do.

Life Span

A swimming pool kit will last as long as 15 years, and it will only need it’s lining replaced around once or twice. While an in-ground pool will last longer, there are still maintenance costs. For instance, vinyl pools need their liner replaced once a decade, concrete pools require resurfacing every 9 years or so, and fiberglass pools last around 20 years.

While your above ground pool may need replaced in 15 years, the cost of replacing it is still going to be cheaper than installing and resurfacing an in-ground pool. Provided you take care of your swimming pool kit you will enjoy it for a very long time.


While many people prefer the aesthetic that an in-ground pool brings, believing it to be a valuable addition to their home. There is no reason that a swimming pool kit can’t be an attractive option that adds value to the look and feel of your home. If you choose to build a deck you can incorporate climbing vines, and flowers, and the deck also provides a perfect area for sunbathing. The overriding factor in your decision may be price, and even with the addition of a deck you can still enjoy a cost-effective pool without the disruption of installing an in-ground pool.


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