Where to Buy Custom Dog Portraits Online?


Dogs are definitely one of the cutest and adorable pets in the world. It is indeed true that they are being referred as the man’s best friend. The relationship between the dog and human is very supportive towards each other. There are more than 300 breeds of dogs available as of now and it is increasing day by day. Here are some of the dog breeds that are popular right now:

  • Labrador Retriever – The Labrador Retriever dogs are usually used for both as a friendly companion and work purposes.

  • Bulldog – Bulldog is one of the popular breeds and are usually expensive but bulldogs are usually very friendly towards strangers and get used to the environment.

  • German Shepherd – German Shepherd is undoubtedly one of the intelligent dogs and they are also easy to train because of high energy levels.

  • Rottweiler – Rottweiler also called as Rotties or Rotts, popularly used by police and military.

  • Beagle – Beagle Dogs are small and active companions towards kids and adults. They are usually friendly towards almost everyone even the strangers.

  • Doberman – Doberman dogs are usually used as a guard because of intelligence and energy level. Police and military also use Doberman dogs.

Want to gift something special to your dog?

Well, do not worry now you can order custom dog portraits from InstaPainting.

InstaPainting now offers custom dog portraits paintings at affordable pricing. Simply upload a photo of your dog and InstaPainting will hand-paint through an artist it and deliver it.

InstaPainting offers custom art services globally and some of the popular services are a pencil drawing, watercolor painting, mixed-media painting, colored pencil drawing, charcoal drawing, oil painting, etc. InstaPainting also allows custom sizes of paintings where you can choose the best size of painting according to your need.

InstaPainting is also providing exclusive discounts on Gift Cards and you can use that gift cards to gift dog portraits to someone special.

InstaPainting Product Details

  • Pencil Drawing – Pencil drawing is similar to charcoal drawing and it is very easy to rub because of graphite. Pencil drawings are common but undoubtedly the most versatile art.

  • Colored Pencil Drawing– Colored Pencil Drawings are a lot better than usual pencil drawings as they look neat and clean with elegant colors. When compared to normal pencil drawings colored pencil drawings are far better because of colors and it looks realistic as well.

  • Oil Painting – Oil Painting is a painting technique in which the pigment is mixed with oil color a binder. Oil Painting is arguably one of the best painting technique used by many painting artists globally.

  • Mixed Media – Mixed Media Painting is a combination of multiple visual arts into a single artwork. For example, if you draw with color pencil, then paint it over with ink, and highlight it with watercolor.
  • Charcoal Drawing – Charcoal Drawings is similar to pencil drawing but pencil drawings are easier to rub because of graphite and charcoal drawings are hard to rub and leaves a mark on the paper. Charcoal drawings are much more realistic and sensitive when compared to any other painting techniques.

  • Watercolor Painting – Watercolor Painting is one of the oldest painting technique in which the artists simply mix the pigments with water. This painting technique is widely used by many painting artists.

Features of InstaPainting

  • Free Shipping Worldwide – InstaPainting ships Paintings worldwide with full tracking and insurance as well.
  • Real Physical Paintings – InstaPainting provides a real physical painting on a canvas and not a digital one.
  • Unlimited Revisions – InstaPainting does not charge any extra money for revisions and it is free.
  • View Paintings Online – Verify your Paintings Online before it is shipped.

How to Order Custom Dog Portraits from InstaPainting?

  1. First of all, visit – https://www.instapainting.com


  1. Next, select the artwork that you would like to order from InstaPainting.
  2. Now just simply upload the photo of your dog.
  3. Using a suitable payment option complete the payment process.

Congratulations on ordering your dog portrait from InstaPainting now just sit back and relax while your order is being delivered.

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