When Might You Need Hardwood Timber


Softwood makes up about 80% of all lumber used around the world, due to the fact that softwood trees are more diverse than hardwood trees and grow much faster. That makes softwood cheaper to mill and process as well as easier to work with. You can cut a softwood tree into lumber much easier than a heavier hardwood, which makes them perfect for all kinds of construction from decks to playhouses to home frames. However, hardwood still makes up that other 20% of lumber. Why? What are the advantages of hardwood?


Hardwood is an incredible insulator. It is about twice as dense as softwood, but still filled with thousands of tiny air pockets every cubic centimetre. Those air pockets hold in heat to make your hardwood naturally warm, which is one of the reasons hardwood is used so often for flooring. It’s also why hardwood is often used for walls or for home frames, for it reduces the need for insulation. You might search for timber merchants near me in Basildon and ask them about hardwoods and softwoods.


Hardwoods come from slow-growing trees that grow very dense, which means they have deep grains that are very attractive when polished. You can polish and wax hardwood lumber to a shine, which really makes the different grains stand out. Hardwood floors are known for this lustre. Over time, the wood can become dull, so it will need buffing from time to time.


Hardwood timber is incredibly durable, which is why it’s so often used in high pressure applications such as boats. Hardwood is about twice as dense as softwood, which makes it about twice as water-resistant. Softwood makes great decking material when you cover it with a good sealant. However, hardwood also makes a great material when constructing a deck. It will likely last you much longer than a softwood deck with the same amount of maintenance. Furthermore, it is easier to repair hardwood on many occasions.

If your hardwood deck or floor is scratched or stained, all you have to do is sand out the affected area and reseal it; you don’t have to completely replace the damaged part. That will save you both time and money.

When You Might Need It

You might need hardwood if you are about to put wood into an incredibly wet situation or a high pressure situation. Also, you might need hardwood if you are looking for flooring or furniture that really stands out.

Many types of antique furniture are made from hardwood since it has such a lovely range of appearances. Also, the wood is so durable that a piece of furniture made from hardwood can last for hundreds of years if properly maintained.

If you want to find great timber, be it hardwood or softwood, you need to get in touch with great timber merchants in your area. They will be able to provide you with recommendations, additional materials, and everything you need. With the help of professionals, it should be easy to decide what type of lumber you might need and how much you should expect to pay for it.


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