What You Need to Know about Plant Dismantling


Companies that set up plants around the country have a legal obligation to correctly dismantle them and make sure that the surrounding environment remains neat and clean. The government has the power to impose hefty fines on companies in the event that they fail to adhere to the dismantling procedures. When a company commissions work on any new plant, they have to factor in the costs of dismantling when the plant becomes operational. The company amortises the costs of dismantling the plant over the useful life of the plant and must disclose these costs in their financial statements released each year.

However, plant dismantling in Huddersfield is not as simple as it may seem. In order to remove the heavy machinery and the fixtures that are installed within the plant, these companies generally have to contract other businesses to help with the dismantling procedures. Heavy lifting cranes are generally required to move the machinery and dismantle the pipes and other fixtures inside the plant. Here are a few important things that you should know about the way in which plant dismantling is carried out.

Government Permits

The first step of dismantling a plant is to request a government permit and notify local authorities that work inside the plant has ceased. The company is then required to submit a detailed plan to the local authorities highlighting the different stages of the dismantling process as well as assuming any liability for any damages to the environment that may occur as a result of the process.

Renting Dismantling Equipment

As mentioned above, dismantling is not a straightforward job. Instead, the company will probably need to rent dismantling equipment from a crane hire company. Since most companies don’t generally purchase such equipment, they typically choose to rent it from another company for the duration of the dismantling process.

A company that needs to dismantle a plant must also factor in the costs of renting the equipment into their overall dismantling expenditure. Company heads are required to estimate the costs of renting the cranes and other equipment that will be used for dismantling and then choose the most affordable option. You can hire a contract lifting company to assist you. An appointed person will consult with you and discuss your requirements before giving you a quote for the dismantling procedure. This professional must be compliant with all local legislations and should have detailed knowledge of HSE regulations to minimise the chances of any hefty fine being levied on your company.

Hiring an Expert

Apart from renting the equipment, you will also need to hire an expert on a temporary basis to oversee the dismantling process. This expert will supervise all of the documentation and make sure that all safety and environmental issues are taken into account as well. The timeframe for dismantling a plant can range from a few days to several months, depending on the size and scale of the plant. These are some of the main things that you should know about the plant dismantling procedure and how it must be carried out.


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