What to Expect From Your Roofer


No matter the age of your home or how much upkeep you perform to keep it looking its best, there comes a time when you will need to make roof repairs or to install a completely new roof. When you are faced with this expense, it is important that you work with a great company that offers quality work and a guarantee on their services. In addition, it’s good to know what to expect from a roofer so you can be sure that all of the work is completed safely and appropriately.

Services Included

While different companies will vary as to what kind of services they include in the work that they do on your home, it’s common for most of them to offer a similar process. This process generally includes:

  • Setting up and removing the scaffolding
  • Stripping off of old tiles and removing them from your property
  • Removing and installing new felt and batons
  • Installing new tile

Finding Help

It’s important when looking for the perfect roofing company in Walton that you take your time in choosing a company to hire as you want to be sure that your new roof will look great and be watertight. Don’t be afraid to ask about what they include in their services, when they will be able to complete your project, and what kind of insurance they have to protect both you and their employees.

A new roof is a huge project and one that can really improve the appearance of your home so it’s important that you find a company that will do a great job when completing this work. Roofers vary in quality and availability so start your research early and don’t sign a contract until you are happy with the numbers.


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