What Kind of Garage Door Is Best for Commercial Use?


If you plan to install a new garage door on your commercial property, you have many choices to consider. You want to choose a door that fits the needs of your organisation. You may need to consider the cost, material, and overall design of the door.

Types of Commercial Garage Doors

You should first review the various types of garage doors Perth has to offer. The primary options include rolling doors, sectional doors, and security shutters. Each option provides its own advantages that may work best for your commercial property.

Rolling Doors Require Less Space

Rolling garage doors in Perth require less space than other types of doors. With a rolling door, the door rolls up into a coil instead of rolling overhead. This takes up less ceiling space. In areas where ceiling clearance is limited, these types of doors may provide the best option.

Rolling doors are also the preferred choice for increased fire resistance. Rolling fire doors help provide protection and prevent fires from spreading through your commercial property.

Sectional Doors Are Versatile and Large

Sectional doors are often used for large garage door openings. With a sectional door, the door is constructed from several sections and the door rolls overhead. Sectional doors are typically recommended in commercial settings where you need to allow large vehicles through the garage.

Security Shutters Prevent Forced Entry

Security shutters are typically made from aluminium and provide a more secure option for your commercial property. Unlike sectional doors, the door is constructed from a single sheet of material. This prevents intruders from attempting to break their way into the garage and is the most secure choice.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Material

You also need to consider the types of materials used for the construction of garage doors in Perth. The main choices include wood, composite, aluminium, and steel.

Steel is the most durable material for garage doors and provides the most protection. Steel also possesses better insulating properties than the other materials. For security shutters or durable sectional doors, steel is a top choice.

While aluminium is not as durable as steel, it should still provide years of use and requires very little maintenance. You can purchase aluminium sectional doors and security shutters when you want a balance of durability and affordability.

Wood and composite materials are not typically recommended for commercial properties. These materials do not provide as much insulation and they may not last as long compared to your other choices.

Last Thoughts on Choosing a Commercial Garage Door

Shopping for new garage doors in Perth presents you with a lot of different options. Doors come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and materials. Remember the tips discussed to choose the best door for your commercial property.

If you want to improve security, security shutters are the preferred choice. Sectional doors and rolling doors are also suitable for a variety of environments. For additional assistance selecting the best commercial garage door, discuss your needs with a reputable garage door professional.

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