What Are the Commonly Committed Mistakes When Designing a Conference Room


Conference hall is a place where employees sit together and do planning and sharing of ideas. Such type of collaboration of employees has a strong impact on the culture, innovation and productivity of a company. Designing a conference room requires a good amount of research work.

It should create an atmosphere that promotes effective communication and collaboration among employees. Due to not paying adequate attention, certain mistakes are often made that fails the entire purpose of conducting meetings and discussions in this room.

Improper mounting of the screen

Nearly every conference room has a television set or a projector screen installed in it. In many rooms it has been seen that the strategical placement for these electronic devices is not on the right wall or at the right height and angle. Improper positioning of the devices sometimes deprives every employee to view the screen from their position.

Also, glare is the next big factor that can be a very distracting thing. It can disrupt the entire visual effect in the room. To give your employees a pleasing visual experience it is important to incorporate curtains and blinds that help in prevention of glare.

Uncomfortable seating arrangement

Sometimes the discussion can go too long and you may need to spend a few hours sitting in the conference room. Office chair is an important conference room décor that determines the quality of the discussion in the room. If you have not installed comfortable and durable chairs, then it can become a very unbearable experience for the employees.

Not just they will lose their focus, but inferior quality of chairs will distract them that adversely impact the quality of the discussion. Reduced performance is what will be the result of inconvenient seating arrangement. So, ensure that the chairs, tables and other infrastructure that you use in the room should be adjustable, comfortable and suits everyone’s seating requirements.

Chairs should be such that they can be adjusted to the desired height and provide remarkable back support. One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the comfort. The right selection of chair can get you the best quality attention, focus and interaction that improves the work quality and production.

Improper arrangement of electricity

Power sources is a significant requirement for any conference room. There should be sufficient number of power sources and electricity backups that can just not aid in the discussion but also help in easy and efficient charging of the electronic devices such as computers and devices.

Along with arranging adequate number of power sources, you should also need to ensure that the wires may not pose the risk of tripping, etc. Ensure that when the devices are not used, wires are properly covered and gives a tidy and neat appearance of the room.


The effectiveness of the discussions you carry out in the conference room, to some extent depends on the effectiveness of its design. So, ensure that you avoid these mistakes while designing this room in the office.

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