What Are the Best Bathtubs for Seniors?


If you or someone you love is concerned about getting in and out of the tub when bathing, it may be time to look for a special bathtub that is designed for safety. Seniors, people with disabilities and young children are in danger of falling in the bathroom, and the slippery floors and wet surfaces pose a special hazard. One of the best investments you can make in the life of a senior citizen you care about is a special bathing unit that can eliminate the risk of falling. Look for bathtubs for seniors with doors that allow the bather to enter, sit on a safety chair and fill up the bath with water. When the bath is finished, the water can easily be drained out and the door can provide a safe exit on a dry floor.

Bathrooms And Safety

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for people of any age, but this is particularly true for people over the age of 65. It is estimated that one out of every three senior citizens have serious falls in their homes, and in 80% of these cases, the falls have occurred in the bathroom. That is why walk-in tubs are the best bathtubs for seniors to prevent slipping. Falling most often occurs when someone is getting into or out of the bath because of the slick surface of most bathroom floors and the fact that these floors are usually wet. A walk-in bath has a door that locks and unlocks and prevents water from escaping.

Features of Walk-In Tubs

The features your walk-in tub has depends on the type of unit you choose. You can find a unit that is used exclusively for bathing or a shower and bathtub combo that allows for showers while standing or sitting. Many baths contain various therapeutic jets that give your body a water massage. Some also contain no-slip surfaces. Baths and showers may contain metal bars on the side to grab onto and safety seats that can be adjusted according to height. Showers have low floors to prevent tripping and special areas for soap and shampoo that prevents spills. You may also choose extra wands with special cleansing features.

Selecting a Walk-in Tub

There is little doubt that walk-in units are the best bathtubs for seniors and promote safe and convenient bathing. When choosing a tub, talk to experts at a company that has a strong reputation for showers and bathtubs for senior citizens and the disabled. You may prefer a standard tub or shower or opt for a custom variety that is designed with special features and is made to fit your bathroom precisely. After you have browsed through the selection, ask an expert which kind of tub or shower unit is best for you. Part of this depends the size and design of your bathroom and what features you are looking for in your unit. Ask about installation and a warranty that will ensure you are receiving top quality bathtubs and showers at a reasonable price.

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