What are the Benefits of Installing Laminate Floors?


Laminate floors have been in existence for many years. However, today’s laminate floors have greatly improved to be the best floor options for homes and offices. Wooden-like floors are a unique style embraced anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional laminate floors, current floors are engineered to produce waterproof and long-lasting floors. Let’s look at some of the reasons to choose laminate floors for domestic or commercial use.

Easy installation

Traditional laminate floors required gluing together several pieces when installing. This work was tedious, time-consuming and expensive. Modern waterproof laminate floors are available in vinyl sheet and tiles. For sheet laminate floors, all you need is to roll it out on the floor. These floors are manufactured in a tongue-and-groove system where the ends interlock. You then need a moist sponge to wet the slot glue to stick the planks, sheets or tiles together. Laminate floors are simply the easiest to install.

Low cost

Laminate floors are cheaper compared to tile and hardwood floors. First, these floor materials are cheap. You can enquire about the cost of materials by the square metre or per tile. Unlike other floor types, laminate floors don’t require special equipment to install them which would be an added expense. The cost of hiring laminate floor installers is also lower compared to the cost of installing other types of floors.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Laminate floors are engineered wood. They have a resin layer which is very easy to clean. Unlike hardwood floors, you don’t need special soaps and cleaners for deep cleaning. Laminate floors do not require waxing as a maintenance service. Simple vacuuming and regular sweeping are enough to keep laminate floors clean.

Excellent moisture resistance

Waterproofed laminate floors have a resin coating which is moisture resistance. This engineered layer protects the floor base from coming into contact with moisture. This special layer makes this floor suitable for bathroom and kitchen use.


When choosing a floor, the first thing to consider is durability. Traditional laminate floors had a short lifespan. However, modern waterproofed laminate floors are scratch-resistant and dent-resistant. The colours and shades are also resistant to fading when exposed to sunlight. Their anti-scratch nature makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. To prove their durability, these floors have a 20-year warranty.

Style variations

Compared to other types of floors, waterproofed laminate floors have the highest number of variations. Visit a reliable online floor supplier in the UK to compare the available shades, colours, styles, and designs.

Waterproofed laminate floors are no doubt the best type of floors to install in your home or office. It is advisable to compare costs of the different types of laminate floors to choose the best for you. Why spend lots of cash on expensive floors when you can get the same comfort and unique floor designs in laminate floors?

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