What Additions Add Significant Value to a Home


When you plan to make an improvement to your home, it is helpful to know which additions, specifically, can make the most impact with respect to property value. When this information was presented to building professionals, most concurred that an additional bedroom, renovated kitchen, extra bathroom, or conservatory were the best improvements to make. In fact, adding an extension in the form of a double bedroom can increase your home’s value by ten percent.

Needless to say, adding to the square footage of a house is guaranteed to elevate its overall worth. So, if you pay around £20,000 to have an extension built, you will also boost the value of an average home by about £32,000.

The ROI for an Upgraded Bathroom

Should you choose to have an additional bathroom constructed, the renovation can increase your property’s value by five percent. Today, en suite bathrooms are also in demand. So, the price you will pay can range as much as £3,500 between the lowest and highest amount.

Northamptonshire builders recommend that homeowners select quality improvements that are not cost-prohibitive instead of luxury choices. Unless you reside in an estate, it is better to take this approach when fitting out a new bathroom.

How Much Useable Space Does Your Home Feature?

When thinking about improvements, it is also important to understand what buyers want when they are house-hunting. Today, the main criterion used by buyers for selecting a property is the amount of useable space that is provided.

As a result, many homeowners are now enhancing their kitchens and bathrooms so they present an open-type floor plan. New kitchens can add as much as six percent to a home’s value. If you pay £8,000 for an upgrade, then your home’s value can spike up as much as £18,000.

Also, conservatories, when improved, must feature glass and not uPVC materials. In order to add value to a property, a conservatory upgrade must feature premium materials too. When they are built properly, conservatories can increase a property’s value by as much as £15,000.

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