Choosing a Switch Plate


When you’re decorating a room, you need to take every detail into account. This includes wall switch covers plates. Switch plates are a small detail. But, they can really bring a room together.

Designs for Any Number of Switches

Wall plate switches come in many different designs that fit any combination of switches and outlets. Whether the room you’re decorating has just one switch or five in a row, there is a switch plate that’s perfect for surrounding them.

Different Materials

There are many different materials to choose from when picking out a switch plate. Metals like brass and nickel are very popular. Ceramics and plastics are also often used for switch plates. Try matching the material you use for your switch plate with a material used elsewhere in the room. Maybe your ceiling light is made with brass. If it is, a brass wall plate will go well in that room.


Wall plates come in a variety of colors. Ceramic plates are often white. Metallic plates come in more shades than you’d think. Bronze plates can come in a shade that’s almost black, which is a contrast from the brownish gold you’d expect. Switch plates can even be translucent.


If you want to get a more fun plate, some have pictures on them. Wall plates with pictures are popular in kids’ rooms. They can also be used in other rooms if you get the right picture. A plate with a floral design can be perfect for the living room if it matches the furniture and walls. If the room has wallpaper, you can cover the switch plate in the same wallpaper.

Other Designs

Instead of getting a switch plate with a picture on the top, you may want to think about getting one with a design carved into it. The designs can be simple or complicated and make the plate look more interesting. Flowers, swirls, and other designs can be etched into the wood or metal to create a unique look.


Many switch cover plates are simple rectangles, but there are some more interesting shapes. Some designs have interesting curves that make them look unique. Curved plates add a touch of elegance to a room that it might not have otherwise.

Wall switch covers plates seem like an insignificant detail but choosing the right one is important for making a room look good. It adds a little bit of flare your guests will notice every time someone turns on the lights.

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