Vintage Bar Stools in Modern Contemporary Kitchens



Modern and contemporary design is the new buzz word but that doesn’t mean vintage aesthetics can’t be used to give your rooms a new and exciting look. Adding some retro style elements can make your modern designs actually look even better! Check out these vintage bar stools in a more contemporary kitchen style design which were handpicked by TMF 家匠

TMF 家匠

1. Kitchen that have wooden counter tops and cabinets as well as tables are a great place to set up some retro-style bar stools. Adding a little metal to the chairs as well making the whole room shine.

2. Combining colorful wall art with some vintage elements makes your house look like an art gallery. Mixing some modern furniture with vintage classics just makes it all connect.

3. Combining black or white walls and cabinetry with a set of wooden bar stools makes the whole room feel warm and cozy. They set themselves apart from the rest of the kitchen, but at the same time, they seem to work very well together. This is because the contrast works so well in relation to the simple coloring, giving the whole room a warm appeal.

4. Adding in some metallic structures gives it a far more retro yet homey feel. You can stay on a budget simply by utilizing metallic spray pain.

A kitchen makes any home cozy, as it is a place where a lot of family gatherings happen. Wooden bar stools are a great way to add in a unique look to an otherwise simplistic design for little money. So consider adding a few retro pieces into your kitchen and to make your home more livable.




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