Vertical or Horizontal Blinds for Your Living Space


If you are choosing the kind of blinds that you want in your home, you will have dozens of different options. There are many different kinds of blinds but they can generally be broken down into the categories of horizontal or vertical blinds. Horizontal blinds are those in which the slats are horizontal but they open vertically. Vertical blinds have slats that hang vertically but they open horizontally. Each type of blinds has advantages and disadvantages.

Vertical Blinds

When you are choosing Avon blinds, awnings, and canopies, you’ll find many options for vertical blinds.

  • Vertical blinds are useful for large windows and sliding glass doors. They are great because they cover a lot of space without being cumbersome.
  • Vertical blinds are useful for large windows and sliding glass doors because you can open them partially. You can open them just enough to walk in or out.
  • Vertical blinds are also easier to walk through if you want to keep the door open but the blinds closed to cut the glare.

Horizontal Blinds

Blinds that are built horizontally but open vertically are known as horizontal blinds. They’re the most common type of blinds for windows. They are useful for windows because they are versatile. They’re also easy to open and close. You just need to pull the drawstring to open the blinds.

If you want vertical or horizontal blinds, you should ask a professional about which is right for you. Each type of blinds is right for different situations. A professional can help you make that decision.


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