Types of Carpet Materials and Which One to Choose


Although choosing the proper material is not really the first thing we do when shopping for carpets, note that carpet composition is very important. Materials determine its price, durability, maintenance, color intensity, application. Materials from which carpets are produced can be divided into synthetic and natural. Synthetic carpets are today’s most popular type of carpets and the most wanted on the market. The price is extremely affordable, they are very easy to maintain, look modern and have beautiful colors that quickly won the market. If you are in a need of carpet patching toronto do not hesitate to contact us today.

Here are some of the most common types of materials that carpets are made from:


Polypropylene (PP) is the most common material used for synthetic carpets. Polypropylene carpets can tolerate acids and bleachers, which makes it easier to clean them with even more strong materials. They do not absorb moisture from the base of the carpet to the surface and they dry very quickly. This is an ideal carpet for rooms where children often spill liquid but also for those who have pets. Because of its anti-static properties, it is used in computer rooms and other spaces with equipment. If it is shorter, it is suitable for chairs with wheels and wheelchairs.


Acrylic is a synthetic material and when you touch it, it is very similar to wool. The colors are bright and soft. These carpets are antistatic, stain resistant, and are a lot easier to clean compared to wool. It dampens moisture and dries quickly and it does not create mold.


Viscose is considered as a synthetic material, but it is made of natural cellulose. It has high gloss and it is often compared to silk. According to the characteristics of viscose, it is similar to cotton. Viscous carpets are thinner, easy to maintain, cheap and have vibrant colors. Their durability is in line with the price.


Wool is the most popular natural material for making carpets. Woolen carpets cost more than the synthetic ones. The prices of woolen carpets depend on both the density and the quality of the wool. With a proper maintenance, woolen carpets, can last up to 50 years. One of the most important properties of wool is the resistance to mites, common causes of allergy in humans. The wool is resistant to fire and high temperatures. And the best thing is that these carpets have good isolation properties. They absorb and releases moisture and act as a natural humidity regulator in the room. Nevertheless, with the high moisture level, the wool is not a good choice because of the possible appearance of odor and unpleasant smell. The wool has no antistatic properties, especially when the air is dry. Woolen carpets are not the best choice if you have pets or small children.

Choose a material according to your needs.

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