Traditional Roofing Solutions for Character and Protection


If you are talking about roofing, traditional slate always comes to mind. True enough, there are other materials one can turn to for effective roofing, with steel and aluminium offering the homeowner choices, yet as nice as they are, metal roofs do not possess the style and character of slate, and for some people, only the best will do. For centuries, skilled slaters have roofed buildings and passed down their knowledge to the next generation, and fortunately, slate roofing is still with us, although the number of contractors who use slate is on the decline.

Why Slate?

This is the question most Australian homeowners would ask when considering roofing materials, and the answer is simple – Style and timeless elegance combined with maximum durability. It isn’t just anyone who can work with this amazing material, and should you decide to go hi-end with a traditional slate roof, there are contractors who do nothing else. Sourcing such a company is best left to the Internet, and a simple Google search should land you on the website of a slate roofer who services your area. Slate is fire resistant and completely impervious to water, and as far as durability goes, you won’t find a better covering than slate tiles.

Roof Design

If you are going to have the best roof built, you should spend some time at the design stage. Roof shapes are not set in stone and regardless of the existing design, there might be something that offers a different perspective. If you source an established roofing contractor that works with slate, they would be able to show you a few different designs, and could construct any form of roofing. There are many factors to consider when designing a roof platform, such as the position of the sun and the elevation of the property, and if you would like a choice, talk to a slate roofer who is focused on aesthetics.

Maintenance and Repairs

Once the slate roof is in place, it will need regular inspections, and providing the roof was built by a slate expert, little can go wrong. If you have overhanging branches, there is always a risk of storm damage, and should roof tile or two become dislodged, call in the roofer as soon as possible and he will replace the missing tiles and ensure the roof is no longer compromised. If the internal structure gets wet, this could lead to serious repair bills, so always have any roofing work carried out as soon as possible. The same contractor that built the roof would be able to maintain it, and with regular visual inspections, any problems can be promptly addressed.

If you would like to explore the slate roof possibilities, an online search is by far the easiest way to source the right contractor, and if he is local, he would be able to furnish you with a few addresses, where you can view previous projects, and with a competitive quote, you can soon be the proud owner of a customised slate roof.


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