Today’s Outdoor Furniture Options: Stylish, Sophisticated, and Cost-Effective


Regardless of your home’s current aesthetic, it’s easy to bolster outdoor comfort and curb appeal by purchasing an assortment of modern outdoor furniture to match your property’s thematic décor. However, with the seemingly infinite number of styles, colours, textures, and designs available nowadays, you might experience some apprehension and trepidation with regard to making a confident acquisition.

All you really need is a jumping off point, some introductory information to help you decide what’s best for your lifestyle and current design scheme. So if you happen to be interested in purchasing some outdoor furniture in Melbourne, for instance, feel free to use this brief expose as your own personal reference guide.

Outdoor Table and Chair Collections

First things first, any patio furniture you purchase must be sturdy and durable, for such items will have to endure inclement weather on a consistent basis. With this notion in mind, take a look at some of today’s most popular outdoor table options:

  • Cast Aluminium: These tables feature timeless designs that are perfect for contemporary-type properties, but most importantly, they are very durable and remain totally RUST FREE!
  • Glass Reinforced Cement: Constructed from a mixture of cement, sand, and glass fibres, these outdoor tables portray a rustic visage reminiscent of ancient Rome.
  • Sumpar Synthetic Wood: Perfect for traditionalists that don’t want to struggle with incessant wood maintenance and upkeep, these eye-popping tables are fabricated to look and feel like natural Teak, but are most renowned for their weather and UV resistance.

Outdoor Sofa Settings

If you’d like to affect a warm and inviting patio area, you’ll be best served by taking a look at a few of the modernised sofa settings that are becoming increasingly popular nowadays:

  • Modular Resin Wicker: These lightweight settings are comprised of aluminium frames and hand-woven fabrications, which makes them the perfect “homey” addition to a welcoming outdoor environment.
  • Deep Seat Resin Wicker: This particular collection usually comes with several independent pieces to allow for increased customisation, but are just as sturdy and strong as the modular resin versions.
  • Hanging Pod Chairs: Some variants come with a gas spring swivel chrome base while others feature a hanging teardrop design, but in any case, these seating solutions are an incredible conversational piece due to their unique construct.

Barbeques and Grills

No patio setting is complete without a functional and visually appealing roaster, grill, or barbeque, so make sure you take the time to evaluate today’s assortment of products as you begin crafting a viable outdoor scheme:

  • “Baby Q” Grills: With a built-in folding cart, titanium lid, and electronic ignition, these barbeque implements are perfect for balconies and terraces, and due to their lightweight design, you can also bring it along for camping excursions, caravan trips, and much more. These new-age models are very charming and come in a wide range of colours.
  • Rolling Barbeques: These grill variants usually feature three burners, built-in flavorizers, and an enclosed storage area, which essentially allows you to establish a fully functioning kitchen right on your patio!

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