Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security With Locksmiths


In part I of our article on home security tips for your Perth property we discussed doors and windows. AMCO Locksmith offers a little more information on securing your home in part II of security tips for your Perth property.

Light up your yard    

When the area around a home is dark, it is easier for thieves to access the property without being recognized. Arm your outdoors with lights with motion or heat detecting sensors, so that when an intruder approaches the house, the lights will go on. Typically, this will scare anyone that should not be on the property away. Install lights in the backyard, the front yard, and the side yards.

When out of town    

When you are out of town be sure to cancel your newspaper and other deliveries. Thieves that are watching the house will be alerted when papers start to accumulate. Put the paper and all mail on hold until you are back home and have the lights within the house put on automatic timers so that it looks like someone’s in the house. It is also wise to have the television or radio on an automatic timer, as well.

When moving into a new home      

When moving into a new home, change the locks or have them rekeyed. Also, with your home keys, don’t have any identity such as your name or address on the keys or key ring as this will allow thieves to know where to go to access the property should you lose the keys.

Never leave keys outside the house     

There are many property owners that leave spare sets of keys outside their homes. Don’t. Keys left outside is asking for trouble, no matter how cleverly you try to hide them. If you need to have a spare key somewhere, ask a trusted neighbour or family member to keep a key.

Install a peephole    

Install a peephole in the front door of your home. This allows you to look through the hole before opening the door, which could avoid a vulnerable situation if the visitor is an intruder.

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