Tips To Handle Fragile And Dangerous Items In Your Home


When you are moving places, there are a lot of things that may irritate you a lot. Shattered glasses, sharp knives, prickly points are a few to name. These items are not only dangerous, but also hard to pack. You have to consider complete safety while packing these items.

The packing must make it easy to load, transport and unpack such items. Being extra cautious while packing such items is important but most of us do not know what and how to do. To prevent both your items and yourself, here are some packing tips you need to follow.


You will have an assortment of knives in your kitchen and these are one of the items that are too dangerous to pack and transport. There are two types of knives generally available at our homes- Blocked Knives and loose knives. While blocked knives come with a case to pack them safely, loose knives need a home for packing. Packing blocked knives is easy, since they have a block to secure the edges you just need to put tape over it to make it stay. For loose knives, use towels or bubble wraps to pack them safely.


Just like knives, equipment with blades are tricky to pack. Such items include various grooming equipment with sharp edges. You need to pack them in a toiletry bag and keep aside. Such items must not be packed with other stuff and loaded to the truck. You need to carry them along to ensure safety and protection.


If you have cacti in your home, packing them comes as a task. You have to pack them with special measures, first of all, ensure your safety and wear gloves for packing them, use newspaper to wrap the cactus layer by layer. Now seal the plant with a layer of bubble wrap and fix the packing. Once wrapped completely, place these plants in storage boxes and mark it with ‘Cactus’ & ‘Careful’.

Kitchen tools and other sharp household equipment:

Packing small, prickly, and sharp items from the kitchen and other inventories of the house is a task. Ensure you use sufficient newspaper and bubble wrap to safely pack these items. To add additional layer of protection, do not forget to place them in a carton box.


One of the most ‘handle with care item’, glassware are a pain to pack. They have uneven shapes and are extremely fragile. For efficient glassware packing, make cardboard your best friends. Wrap each item individually and take care that it is stored cautiously. Use stuffing peanuts to fill the empty space and prevent items from shaking and damaging. If you have a lot of glassware, you may hire storage units Virginia Beach and store your items there.

Once you know how to pack fragile and prickly items, you can easily move them to your new home. In case you need some extra help or your prefer shifting in phases, hiring storage units Tempe comes as a handy solution.

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