Three Tips On Choosing The Right Mattress Firmness For You


When it comes to comfort, picking the right mattress makes a lot of sense because the mattresses is the foundation for sleep.

Most of the time when you go to a mall or a store to purchase a mattress, you wrongly decide more or less on what you need. You then start questioning which firmness is greatest for you. Well, this will depend on several factors which includes:

1. Body alignment

Assessing proper body alignment is sometimes difficult but it’s a major deal when it comes to selecting the level of firmness. A good mattress with the right level of firmness should support your spine’s natural alignment, including head, shoulders, hip, and heels. On the other hand, choosing a cushion that is too firm will cause painful pressure points and make you uncomfortable while sleeping.

2. Sleeping position

“Your sleeping position plays a major role when it comes to choosing the right one for you. There are people who sleep on their backs, sides, stomachs–and even those who sleep in combination arrangements,” said a spokesperson for Bed’r Mattress.     “Each type of sleep position has its own requirements.”

  • Back sleepers. They should begin with a position that is best for their spines. However, support around their low back is not necessary to ensure that the spine follows its natural curve. Therefore, the best firmness for you, if you are a back sleeper, is in the range of 4-3 on the scale of firmness.
  • Side sleepers. They tend to have more weight points at their hips and shoulders and in most cases require something that is slightly soft to cushion the shoulder and the hips, to give the spine the natural curve. For many side sleepers, the best cushion is the soft to medium firm one with a range of  a 3 to 7 on the firmness scale. However, many people attain the best result with the medium of that range.
  • Stomach sleepers. These should stay away from mattress with excessive sinks, which can create unnecessary pressure on the spine. Many of the stomach sleepers do well with medium to average firm futons that range from 4-7 on the normal firmness scale.

History of back, joint or neck pain

Choosing the wrong mattress while you have a problem with your back, joints or even neck can cause worsening of the pain. The correct one, together with the right firmness, will boost good sleeping position, relaxes muscles and provides a healthy sleep.

Factors to consider while choosing a mattress for back pain:

  • If you are a side sleeper, a bed that is slightly soft is necessary to cushion the hips and shoulders.
  • For a stomach sleeper, a firmer bed will be necessary to keep you afloat.
  • For a back sleeper, a medium firm bed is the best for you because the ones that are too stiff tend to push against your spine and those that is extremely soft does not provide enough support.

Pinpointing the precise level of firmness is a very personalized decision because what may be right for you will probably might be too firm or soft for someone else. The experts at Bedr Mattress can help you make the right decision for you.

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