Three Easy Updates for Adding Space in the Bathroom


As your family grows, you may need to add a bathroom to your house. If your master bedroom doesn’t have an ensuite, you may be able to add one if there is a large walk-in closet. You can also add more space to a current bathroom by making these easy changes.

Replace Sink

If you have a small bathroom and need more space as you have children, you should consider replacing a bathroom vanity with a pedestal sink. Although you may lose some storage space, you will have more room to move around the restroom. Pedestal sinks are easy to install, taking just an hour or two at the most, and they only cost £70 to £120.

Remove Bathtub

You can save space in the bathroom by removing the bathtub and replacing it with a shower. The extra space could be used to add a storage cabinet or just provide room to get dressed after showering. Plumbers in Kent can design a new floor layout for the bathroom and complete a remodel so that you have more room for yourself and your family.

Add Underfloor Heating

While you’re updating the bathroom, splurge a little and add some warmth to the room with radiant floor heating. It will cost about £350 to £850 to install but you may not need to crank up the heat in the bathroom on cold days as the heat from the floor will help keep it warm. You also won’t have to step on a cold floor when you step out of the shower during the winter.

Remodelling the bathroom is an easy way to add value to your house if you plan to sell it. By making a few changes, the return on investment for a bathroom is about 48% or a profit of approximately £2,300 for most homes.

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