Three Advantages of Using a Spider Lift for Your Next Project


From boom to scissor lifts, there are many types of aerial lifts out there to choose from. Good hire centres will offer a variety of models to choose from depending on the requirements for your project. However, one of the best lift options for versatility on a project is spider lifts.

Spider lifts are a newer type of lift that offers unique benefits for the user. Spider lifts are similar to boom lifts but they have a smaller base with four legs holding them on the ground. Spider lifts are known for being highly versatile and easy to use, which is why they are often the lift option of choice. Here are five of the advantages of using a spider lift for your next project.


You can use a spider lift for almost any project that may require a lift. Spider lifts are highly versatile and easy to use, which is ideal for any task. They are very similar to boom lifts but offer more mobility. Also, spider lifts are easier to use than other lift options, which is why they are such a popular choice.


While other lifts such as boom lifts operate on gasoline or diesel, many spider lifts are battery-powered and electric. These models can be much more efficient. Also, electric options are better for the environment as well, reducing pollution and emissions. When choosing Wiltshire hire centres, be sure that they offer the kinds of lifts, models, and equipment you need for your project.

Light Weight

Spider lifts, unlike other lifts, are lightweight. They don’t require special towing or moving equipment and they are safer because of their sturdy and light construction, not to mention that some spider lifts can lift and carry more than 100 kilograms with ease while remaining simple and light. They also can be easily collapsed, which is great for saving space.


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