The Top Factors that will Determine Your Quest to Find the Best Plumber


Did you know that there is a shortage of qualified plumbers in the UK? Yes, there may be plenty of plumbers who say they are qualified, but not all of them are duly licensed and accredited. This is why it’s of vital importance for you to choose the best plumber, especially if you are looking to install a central heating system, water and gas pipes, and so on. Here are the top factors that determine your quest to find the best plumber.

  • Accreditations and qualifications

The very first factor which will determine your quest to find the best plumber is their accreditations and qualifications. As mentioned, not all supposed plumbers are qualified and licensed. By using a qualified plumber, you have the added assurance that they know all the latest techniques and have more than adequate knowledge about repair, maintenance, and installation.

A plumber who is recently qualified would have an NVQ or a National Vocational Qualification. It is actually recommended that the plumber have an NVQ of Level 2 (as a minimum); a Level 3 is even better. For more experienced plumbers or those who have been working for a while, look for a City and Guilds qualification when it comes to plumbing at the level of an ‘Advanced Craft’. Many plumbers who have been in the field for a while may have begun as apprentices and then progressed to this level. If this is their situation, they may not have any concrete qualification aside from the City and Guilds qualification, but their experience and competency often make up for this.

If you want to be sure of your choice, you can opt for one who is a member of the IPHE, or Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering. These members are always vetted so as to make sure of their work experience and qualifications. Gas-related work should also be undertaken by a Council of Registered Gas Installers member. Another way to ensure a plumber’s qualifications? They are Gas Safe Registered, such as the plumbers servicing Bounds Green from BBS Plumbing Heating Service.

The top questions you should ask

Once you have narrowed down your list of prospective plumbers or plumbing firms, there are also some important questions you should ask. One of these would be ‘How long have you been working as a plumber?’ or ‘How long have you operated as a plumbing business?’ Another question would be ‘What is the exact price of the service, and does it cover everything?’ If you want to be more thorough, don’t forget to ask the plumber or plumbing service how long the task will take to complete and ask them for details on their breakdown of expenses.

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