The Many Advantages of a Flat Roof


Modern construction methods have changed dramatically over the years, and flat roofs are now more popular than ever, especially when adding extensions to existing buildings. The reasons for this are many, and the most obvious benefit is the reduced cost, as a flat roof requires much less surface area than a traditional pitched roof. If you are thinking of building an extension onto your home, here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider a flat roof.


  • Reduced Cost – The traditional pitched roof occupies at least twice the amount of surface area, and materials cost money. Flat roofs are easy to build, and with the right materials, maintenance will be minimal. If you have never considered to possibility, you might be surprised at just how cheap the roofing can be, and with the right guttering and downpipes, excess water will not be an issue.


  • Solar Panels – You can have solar panels installed on the roof, which will not be unsightly, and they can provide you with all the hot water your household needs, at a fraction of the cost, and over time, the savings will add up. Although solar panels have been around for a while, the cost has always been too high for domestic users, but in the past few years, the systems have dramatically come down in price and for the first time ever, solar power is now affordable and practical.


  • Air Conditioning Units – The large compressors are a little unsightly, and there’s no better place to install them than on a flat roof. If you are not planning on creating a rooftop garden, the air conditioning compressors can be easily fitted onto the flat roof, making extra space on the ground.


  • Storage Space – A flat roof can be used to store certain items, which frees up the garage and shed, and anything that is hardly used can easily be stored there. Space is a very valuable commodity in any home and a flat roof gives you a little bit extra, and that is always welcome.


  • Easier Maintenance – You will need to periodically clean out the guttering, and without that dangerous slope, things will be much easier. There are many accidents that are caused by people working on pitched roofs, and with a flat roof, you will be a lot safer if you need to do any cleaning or repairs.

There are many reasons why you should consider a flat roof for your home or extension, and with a choice of materials and styles, you should be able to create something that will be in keeping with the existing structure.

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