The Kitchen Supplier That Stood the Test of Time


When discussing kitchen options, a few standard designs are probably going to pop up: Classic, Modern, Shaker and, of course, Rotpunkt Kitchens.

Amongst all the kitchen designs out there, Rotpunkt has stood the test of time and for a good reason. Since its introduction in the 1930s, these German suppliers made a name for themselves for the quality of their pieces as well as the strength of their craft.  Their continued techniques of mixing the latest manufacturing technology with more traditional methods has allowed them to capture a traditional yet new style while also letting their designs stand up to whatever life can throw at them.

Wondering if a Rotpunkt Kitchen might be the right choice for you? Keep reading to find out!

Strength and Versatility

The kitchen is arguably the centre of any home. It’s where many of us go to eat, socialise, destress, as well as cook. With all that goes on within those four walls, you’re going to want a kitchen design that can withstand daily wear and tear as well as the tougher stains and accidents that often happen within the kitchen. This is why many turn towards Rotpunkt, as they are famed for their quality kitchens.

As a company, they have become famed for placing emphasis on the quality of material in their kitchens, with strong stones like quartz and granite often featuring prominently. Many designs are also metal-lined as well, making sure that any potential weak spots are reinforced against splitting.


When it comes to styling your kitchen, it can be easy to forget about functionality. Functionality in itself is a term that implies quiet confidence – it’s not explosively gaudy, nor is it downright dull. When functionality is successfully incorporated within a design, all of the products will be correctly scaled and proportioned; optimised for their location and look. When designing and installing a functional Rotpunkt kitchen, you’ll see your equipment fitting perfectly and always working at its best.


Often, if you are working with a small space, you might think that you can’t enjoy all the design features of a Rotpunkt kitchen.

Not the case.

Almost all reputable Rotpunkt suppliers, will allow for flexible specifications. This means they’ll adjust the width of all your units and the height and shape of your worktop to match your kitchen space. You won’t have to worry about your doors and drawers smacking into the wall every time you open them.

By the time the kitchen units reach your home, they will also have been rigorously tested for quality and adapted to meet whatever specific needs your kitchen might have.

Range of Designs

While having a durable kitchen is very important, hardly anyone is going to buy one if it’s going to end up being an eyesore. This is a room you’re going to be spending a LOT of time in, so you’re going to want to make sure you invest in a design that won’t be painful to look at after a few weeks of use.

Luckily, Rotpunkt are famous for their bespoke designs and can fit in a wide range of kitchen sizes and shapes.

Whether you want a bright, airy design or something classy and dark, Rotpunkt can cater for you with all their units, cabinets and drawers coming in a vast range of shades. Lighter designs work exceptionally well in smaller kitchens as light colours can make a space seem brighter and more open. While darker designs can look very sophisticated, be careful if you’re working with a smaller kitchen. Dark colours can create the illusion of more shadow making spaces seem more cramped if you aren’t careful. Both white and dark kitchens work well with wood as a central feature of the design, so why not try wooden cabinets, flooring or worktops?

Choice of Handles

Their fitted kitchens can also come with a range of different handles for cabinets and drawers. While you might not think that such a small design feature could have such a significant impact, you’d be surprised. Whether you want something small and sleek or big and striking, Rotpunkt kitchens can cater to whatever your personal taste may be.

If you want to capture a truly modern aesthetic, then units without handles are the way to go. Available as a feature in most Rotpunkt designs, having drawers and cabinets without handles are a great way to create a more minimalist design. They are also a good choice if you’re looking to childproof your kitchen as units that push to open, run a much smaller risk of small hands or heads getting knocked or caught on them.


If there’s one thing the Germans are famed for, it’s their innovative use of design and technology. Naturally, their kitchens are no exception.

Rotpunkt pride themselves of staying up to date on all the latest kitchen innovations, working them into their designs with ease.

Some of their newer integrations include:

  • Flap Fittings: Simple fittings that are perfect for saving space by letting shelves fold away with ease.
  • Door Damping: Helping doors close slower and quieter to keep your space calm and stop any fingers getting trapped in there.
  • Steamed Pull-out Systems: Great for making drawers open and close seamlessly with no risk of getting stuck or caught.
  • Concealed Suspension Systems: Wall cabinets equipped with this hang with ease and are practically invisible to the naked eye.
  • Water Sheets: Protecting cabinets drawers against moisture damage and damp by repelling droplets and steam.

It’s up to you what kind of kitchen you choose, but with its range of designs, great tech and durable nature, a Rotpunkt kitchen is always a good shout. German kitchens are already famous all over Europe, so why not see if one of their quality kitchens could fit well in your space?

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