The Essential Guide to a Smooth House Relocation


Sooner or later, we all have to encounter a relocation. It might be due to a career change or possibly upgrading to a larger property, but whatever the reason, moving house can cause a high level of stress for the homeowner, especially if it hasn’t been properly planned. If you and your family are soon to be relocating, here is a guide to help you handle the move effectively and without worry.

Planning is Everything

As soon as you are certain the move is going ahead, you should begin to plan the operation. Unless you are a single person and all your possessions will fit in the car, you will need to source a reliable removal company, and by searching online, you can find affordable Selby removals. Once you have located a good removal company, they would likely send someone to your home to discuss your options. You might prefer to have the removal men do all the packing, and unless you particularly enjoy packing and labelling, it is best left to those that do it for a living.


Without gas, electric and water, your new home is not really ready for inhabitation, so make sure you arrange for the utilities to be turned on, and it won’t hurt to give a call the day before, just to confirm that everything is hooked up. The old home also needs to have the utilities turned off, at least until the new owners move in, and once you have cleared the existing bills, the new occupants will be able to start from scratch.

Children and Pets

As lovely as they are, young children should not be present when the move takes place. Ideally, you could ask your parents if they wouldn’t mind having them for the day, and most grandparents would be only too happy to spend time with their grandchildren. Failing that, you might have friends who have kids of a similar age, and a day out will be the ideal solution. If the family dog is present when the removal team start hauling the furniture away, it might be a little stressful for the dog, and he could be a little reluctant to allow these strangers to empty the house, and you couldn’t blame him for that.

Prepare the New Home

The ideal time for a spring clean is just prior to moving in, as there is no furniture present, and this makes it much easier to deep clean the carpets and generally prepare each room for occupation. You will need a comprehensive list of cleaning materials, which would typically include mops, brooms, cloths and some cleaning products. You might want to do the same at the old residence, so leave some cleaning items behind.

Sourcing the right removal company will make things a lot easier, as they will handle everything, which allows you to relax a little and focus on making sure nothing is forgotten.

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