The Different Types of Tile and Grout Cleaning Products


It’s vital for you to know the type of tiles you have before purchasing any tile and grout cleaners. Porcelain and ceramic tiles won’t be destroyed by acidic, alkaline or ph. Neutral cleaners which are made for cleaning tile and grout.

When cleaning tiles and grout, there are specific cleaners which are supposed to be used that won’t make the tiles dull, etch or damage the tiles. You should not use vinegar, dishwashing detergent, bleach or any other house cleaning products when you are cleaning tile and grout.

Cleaners such as dishwashing detergents are difficult to rinse and remove from the tile and grout surfaces. Household cleaning products can be corrosive to tiles as they are not made explicitly for cleaning grout and tiles. The household cleaners also can leave behind a soapy residue which can attract dirt and accumulate on the tile surface.

Here are some of the three types of tile and grout cleaning products that are recommended for the cleaning of tile and grout.

  • Alkaline Based Tile and Grout Cleaners

Alkaline-based cleaners are very aggressive, and they have a Ph. Value of 12. These types of cleaners are specifically designed to react with grease, dirt and other kinds of grime which are common in grout lines and tile floor. Alkaline-based cleaners are cost friendly, and they work well in ensuring that all the dirt and grime is removed. Also when using these products avoid your eyes, skin and other body parts from getting into contact with them for an extended period. If an alkaline product gets into your eyes, you should thoroughly wash it before seeking medical help.

  • Acid Based Tile and Grout Cleaners

These types of cleaners are effective in cleaning grout. These cleaners work by reacting with the cement that is in the grout to remove dirt. Also, a thin layer of grout will be removed so that the grout surface with the dirt can be seen. Acid-based grout cleaners work well in the cleaning and whitening of white grout that is stained. Acidic cleaners can also clean and remove soap scum and hard water stains which are on porcelain and ceramic tile showers. You can use acidic cleaners on porcelain and ceramic, but you should not use them on most stone tiles.

  • PH Neutral Tile and Grout Cleaners

These types of cleaners are the gentlest cleaners to use in cleaning tile and grout. Ph. Neutral cleaners are not that effective in removing grime, dirt and stubborn stains but they are suitable for use in the day to day cleaning of tile and grout surfaces. The advantage of using these type of cleaners is that you can dilute them in water hence you won’t need to rinse them like alkaline and acidic cleaners.

There you have it 3 tile and grout cleaning products which you can use to clean your tiles and grout without having to worry about damaging them. When using these products always ensure that you are careful and avoid being in contact with them for prolonged periods.

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