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With the advent of technology in the modern day, competition in the hardwood materials market become strenuous. The very thing you should do then is to ensure that you source your materials from the right, best supplier. This is where Ipe Decking USA comes in. We make certain that our customers will get satisfied with the materials and services we offer.

Online Order of Ipe Decking

Visit our site or call us and your Ipe decking project will be a success. We take pride to only offer the quality-wise and most durable Brazilian hardwood materials for siding, fencing, decking, and associated projects. Our charming personnel will be there to provide assistance and attend to every need you may have. Never worry that your materials will not get to you at the right time because our shipping terminals are available anywhere across the U.S. Should you be on a tight budget, you’re lucky because our products are being sold at their discounted rates.

Ipe is notable as most distinguished hardwood decking materials in the world, hence the name of our company. It is our primary recommendation for customers to order for our Ipe wood considering its quality, worthiness, and durability. The most quality lumber is what we are here for in the industry.

Expected Products and Services

We are proud to offer you with:

  • Best price for woods
  • Appropriate residential and commercial wood materials
  • Fast order shipment
  • Use for docks and pools to prevent water penetration since the wood is dense
  • Strongest woods in the world
  • Natural dense that lead to the absence of splinters
  • Customer-based board milling
  • Direct sales from our US-based warehouse
  • Responsible sourcing of wood
  • Offering one of the hardest, best wood worldwide
  • Top quality wood provision surpassing the FAS rating
  • Possible wood milling to any of your desired measurement
  • Natural resistance from fungi, mold, scratch, and slip
  • Accommodating customer service team
  • Ipe wood’s durability makes it last for over 75 years
  • Can be used alongside the hidden fastener system
  • Long-lasting decking of Ipe woods
  • Resistance to infestation with its extreme density
  • Little maintenance is required or none at all when the wood is in grey color
  • Great choice for projects outdoor.

Key Product Offerings

Here are the main products we market:

  1. CAMO Universal Deck Clips (900 ct) – The main purpose of this product is to used in Ipe hidden clip system and is used in the other types of wood. This product functions well for grooved deck boards. Its installation is made easy and quick.
  2. CAMO Edge Deck Fastening System – It only takes a certain screw to properly install the system without the application of pre-drilling.
  3. Ipe, Ironwood, and Brazilian Walnut – All substandard boards in these woods are culled before shipping.

Choose your best Ipe wood decking material and Ipe Decking USA will take charge of you. We will wait for your call or visit then.

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