The Benefits of Fly and Insect Screens


The fly screen has long been a staple within many hot climates including here in Australia and for good reason. The intrusion of unwanted insects can be a cause for discomfort which is why fly screens continue to enjoy such popularity.

What some homeowners may not know is that they also offer many other benefits to a home’s occupants of which we’re going to provide you an overview of in this article.

  1. Pest Control

Pest control is of course still the main benefit. Mosquitoes, bees and wasps are not desired or required inside our homes so a fly screen is a great way to ensure they stay outside where they belong.

A fly screen on any window or door can also prevent the entry of small lizards into your home which is a major plus point.

  1. Increased Security

There are fly screens available on the market which offer a level of resistance to entry from burglars and other home intruders. The materials they’re made from are quite robust, and in conjunction with strong doors, they can withstand even the heaviest of attacks.

  1. Keep Your Children Safe

Children have a habit of getting everywhere they’re not supposed to be. If you would rather they didn’t play outside at the front of your property due to the presence of traffic, a locked fly screen is a great way to keep them safe whilst allowing fresh air into your home.

The same principals apply to your rear garden where you may not wish them to play unsupervised.

  1. Increased Privacy

Due to their nature and design, fly screens are not completely transparent. You will often find that it is quite difficult to look into a property with a fly screen installed yet this great feature doesn’t impact on the ability of a homeowner to look out through the same window or door.

  1. Save Energy

One thing fly screens are great at doing is allowing air to pass through their structure, allowing a comfortable amount of airflow without the presence of pests.

This airflow has the ability to dramatically cool a property in the summer, alleviating the need for your air conditioning system to be running constantly. This is going to have a clear knock on effect of lowering your energy costs.

Fly screens can also reduce the extent that the sun’s UV rays can enter your property, again going a long way to keep the interior of your home cool.

  1. Improve Kerb Appeal

Decorative fly screens are a popular addition to the home. Rather than just a plain PVC or aluminium frame, customers are able to choose from wrought iron, adding a dash of style to proceedings.

Consider Installing Fly Screens to Your Home

We often find that homeowners are shocked at the relatively low costs of installing fly screens to their windows and doors. Window fly screens are available from several suppliers across Melbourne and Ballarat, all of which have the knowledge and expertise to quickly and efficiently install a set of fly screens to your home. What we would suggest is that you compare costs from more than supplier to ensure value for money.

You’ll be thankful you did once summer rolls around again and you’re able to enjoy open windows without the added effect of unwanted visitors.

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