The Benefits of External Window Shutters


Rather than have their window shutters fitted to the interior of their property, many homeowners opt for an external system instead. There is no one size fits all solution but if you’re struggling to decide on the type that is right for you, we’ve prepared several points for consideration that will help you along in your buying process.

Enhanced Security

An external window shutter system provides an additional layer of security to your property. Because of their design, it can be much more difficult to see into a property, especially if having a louvred system installed with downward sloping slats.

Once installed, an external shutter system will also make it much more difficult to gain entry to a property than an internal system otherwise would.

Protection from the Elements

As we know, weather patterns can change dramatically and can often be a source of damage to your home. This effect is increased if you happen to live in an area that is exposed such as at the top of a hill or the bottom of a valley.

External shutters will offer additional protection to the windows within your home, reducing the likelihood of them being blown out during periods of heavy wind and rain.

External shutters are also a great way to protect your window frames from unnecessary sun damage, caused by the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Hard Wearing

Aluminium window shutters often make the best option if being installed outside. This is due to the lightweight but strong and durable nature of aluminium as a material.

An external aluminium shutter system is going to offer longer life and reduced maintenance requirements than a uPVC or timber based installation would provide.

Energy Performance

One often overlooked benefit of external shutters is the warmth that they can provide through the colder months. When closed, the shutters act as an insulator keeping the interior of your property warmer than it might otherwise be.

This could have the added effect of reducing your energy bills.

Aesthetic Appeal

One major benefit of external shutters is the boost they provide to the overall appearance of your home. Aluminium can be painted in any colour via a process known as powder coating meaning that you can colour coordinate your window shutters to compliment your house’s existing paint or colour scheme.


Although fixed to the outside of your property, you are not constrained in the type and style of shutter available to you.

Some of the options available include;

  • Fixed shutters that cannot be moved.
  • Hinged shutters that allow opening and closing as required
  • Bi-Fold shutters that can add a touch of class to your home
  • Sliding shutters which offer year round versatility and comfort

You can even mix and match if a specific type would be better suited to certain elevations of your property.

If you live in Western Australia, get in touch with a local supplier for a consultation. There are many companies who can supply shutters in Perth so ring around for a few quotations. Prices will likely vary with the feature that you require.

When it’s time to next renovate your property, consider how high quality external aluminium shutters could benefit you.

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