The Benefits of Bespoke Furniture


The furniture in your house is known collectively as the joinery. That includes all wooden features, including chairs, tables, shelves, desks, doors and banisters. If you’re looking to decorate or remodel a house, you should consider bespoke joinery. There are numerous benefits to having custom-built wooden features and furnishings for your home. They can become permanent fixtures, and can also be designed specifically to fit in non-standard spaces.

Bespoke Joinery

When you hire a professional to build your custom furniture, there are several options for how you want it to look and function.

        Bespoke joinery in Croydon can be permanently built into the walls.

        This is common with permanent shelving for books, closet space, and kitchen items.

        Many homes feature spaces that are not standard sizes or angles. Bespoke wooden items can be made to fit any space.


Custom furniture will last much longer than furniture purchased from big box stores. It will be made of higher quality materials and uses the expertise of the crafters to build something sustainable. For example, many types of big box furniture are actually made of moulded pressboard. This is essentially wooden shavings glued together to imitate wood. While it serves a purpose, it is not good quality and should not be the foundational material for furniture. If you choose a joiner to build your furniture and features, you can trust that it will be made of quality wood. It will also be joined with care and expertise.


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