The Art of The Great Leonid Afremov


Contemporary impressionist painter Leonid Afremov makes splendid and amazingly beautiful work of art with a palette knife and oil paints. Concentrating fundamentally on seascapes, he frames flawless pieces with strong blade cuts and shading contrasts that pass on a scope of joyous feelings. Afremov is perceived as a self-speaking craftsman, working solely on the web, with couple of shows and almost no outside association to promoters and exhibition organizers. His creative reasoning revolves around the fact that craftsmanship isn’t just for the first class, yet rather something that everybody ought to have the chance to appreciate.

Happy and brilliant, Afremov’s vivified fine art accomplishes a passionate association that by and by contacts the individuals who tend to react to his ability. His pieces keep up a trademark recurring pattern, with a wide variety of colors put on together to shape an emotive inclination that exert considerable influence on one’s senses, first with splendid shading and after that with proper finishing. Afremov has capability of making contact to a wide group of onlookers by concentrating on keeping his fine art straightforward and politically nonpartisan. Having no political inclinations makes Afremov a favorite of all. The craftsman’s work is known for this simplicity– it doesn’t intend to annoy or uncover further messages, however looks to justify itself with real evidence by reflecting recollections and feelings that are all around relatable.

Conceived in Belarus, the Russian-Israeli painter had been struggling hard to make a name for himself before the headway of the web enabled him to grow his market and contact a more worldwide crowd. His unique technique developed with time and he excelled in his style as time went on. He made the web his source of representation. He sells most of the work exclusively on the internet. There are hardly any exhibitions of his art unlike other painters who feed on these plush exhibitions. Selling of his paintings does not need any dealers or galleries. Yet he has succeeded in creating a huge demand for his art. That’s a great achievement. It all happened due to his out of the box idea of making the whole web his place to showcase and sell his art. Before he found the web, he was nothing but a struggling artist. His father had been a shoe designer while his mother used to work in a metal factory. He was born to Jewish parents and used to live in a traditional Jewish environment. According to records he had been a good student and had keen interest in history as well as art. He used to attend all the art classes which were conducted in his school. In addition to this he also took private lessons. A significant thing is that his parents really encouraged his talent in the field of art.

For the his entire life, he worked hard to polish his aesthetic sense, searching out an individual style that, while imbued with the influence of past experts, remains uniquely his own. Despite the fact that his work can be named contemporary fine art, it lays solidly on the exquisite customs of the past.

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