The Advantages Of A Bed In A Box Mattress


Every Australian remembers the first mattress they had to buy themselves, when they left home and started their new life. Our purchasing habits tend to stay with us, and we tend to choose what we know, rather than something new. Currently a lot of purchases are made online due to our busy lifestyles, and companies, with this in mind, have catered to our whims and invented the mattress that is taking Australia by storm.

Ease Of Delivery.

It is known as the ‘bed in a box mattress’ and it is a mattress that is compressed, vacuum-sealed, packaged and then sent to your home once you order it. They can be made from foam or a mixture of springs and foam. This method of packing means they are pretty easy to send, and also easier to set up, than the traditional one you are used to. We all know how normal mattress shopping used to go. You lie down on them and then a pushy salesman tries to sell you a different one.

It’s A Time Saver.

Buying a bed in a box mattress is very convenient, as it can be bought via your PC or mobile phone or any device that has internet. You pick the colour, size and type you want, click on buy now, and then the mattress is dispatched to you, with the bare minimum of fuss. It saves you a great deal of time, as there is no going to the store and then trying to find a mattress that you like. Now, there is no need and you can use that saved time, to do something a little more useful.

No Annoying Salesman.

There is no sales guy coming up to you with his patter and trying to get you to buy the one he makes the most commission on, and also coaxing you to get the extended warranty, when you probably don’t need it. If you buy from a company that offers you the bed in a box, then there is none of that. It is a stress free purchase, and if you need to ask questions, there should be somewhere on the site that offers interactive advice but only if you specifically request it.

Only The Best.

The bed in the box mattress is manufactured from the best materials, and it is both long lasting and comfortable. This means that you are not buying one every year. By making your first purchase of this unique mattress, you are cutting out the retail sides of things. This means savings on costs for the maker, who then passes those savings onto you. Your mattress can be sent to you by regular services because it is compressed and is much smaller, and so if there is a delivery charge, it should be less. A lot of companies, however, deliver for free, so be sure to ask them.

When buying make sure that you read online reviews and read the supplier’s website as they will advise on what the mattress is made of, and what kind of sleep experience it will provide. A bed in a box mattress is what you have been waiting for.

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