Some Advice on Unblocking Drains and Remove Odours


Everybody and their dog knows the importance of making sure that the kitchen and bathroom remain clean and tidy. These areas of the home are the ones that see plenty of daily use and will, obviously, have a tendency to get dirtier more than other rooms of the home.

In the kitchen, with sinks, getting plenty of pots, pans, glasses, and cutlery cleaned every single day, and all family members having to use the bathroom, the chances are that sooner or later there’s going to be a blocked drain. Blocked drains certainly aren’t welcome, as they can cause problems galore, but if the job isn’t too great a task, they sometimes aren’t that difficult to sort out. In many cases, clearing a blocked drain can be achieved drama-free, but if it looks like a big job, contact professionals in the business 3 Flow Drainage, who can remedy any woes with expertise.

Two Types of Products for Easy Jobs:

1 – Chemical Cleaners

  • There are products that are designed for this kind of job and when poured down the blocked drain, chemicals will try to dissolve the grease and build-up that has created the blockage. Containing ingredients formulated to eradicate blockages and odours from blocked drains.
  • After (hopefully) doing its job, the water in the sink should now drain away smoothly, and odours have gone.
  • Naturally, It’s vital to follow all the instructions when using such products because different sorts of blocked drains need different mixes. A water blockage in the kitchen sink needs to be handled differently to that in a blocked bath from which is still slowly draining.

2 – Eco Friendly Cleaners

For those who are Earth friendly, try clearing a blocked drain with natural ingredients, before going over to harsher chemicals. Try:

  • Inside a dry sink, pour 1 full cup of baking soda down into the blocked drain, and guarantee that the powder has gone down the drain.
  • Afterwards, pour about 2 cups of boiling water down into it and wait 8 – 10 minutes. (Make a nice cup of tea!)
  • Add another cup of baking soda in and then follow it with a cup of white vinegar.
  • Plug the drain and you may hear sizzling sound coming from the drain!
  • After the noise has subsided, pour down 2 more cups of boiling water.

This may work and is a great way of ensuring that your sink stays unblocked. Do it monthly to put a stop to blockages.

Who Likes Bad Smells?

Horrible smells are a side effect of blockages as most of you out there already know. The drain has become blocked when items get stuck in or start to clog up drainage pipes. These then rot and bacteria then grows, giving off obnoxious smells.

Persistent cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms is a must method of keeping drains free of unwanted waste. Those who fail to do so will ultimately pay the price and it’s only a matter of time before they wish they had!

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