Solar fans for homes –Pros and Cons


Solar energy is the most abundant renewable energy and looking at the condition of the non-renewable sources of energy and the pollution and the global warming they are causing, they are bound to be phased out eventually and the process has started already where people are opting for the solar lights instead of the normal ones that runs on traditional electricity and this has led to research in developing and improving the efficiency of the devices run on solar energy. Solar energy will be needed in the upcoming future and mostly the devices would be running on it thus development of such devices is necessary and science has come so far that such devices and solar lights and solar fans are common and research is going on with complex machines.

Solar fans are devices which convert solar energy to mechanical energy. The process is not that simple and exact, the solar fans take in use the solar panels which convert the solar energy to electrical energy and then transmit it to the fan by means of a chord or a wire and this solar fan converts the electrical energy to mechanical energy. The solar panel can just be kept outside in the open or it can be fixed to the roof. The solar fans can only be operated during the day when there is sun outside and when the sun goes down the solar fan will no longer work. The solar fans work as such that they are the fastest when the sun outside is the brightest and thus they reduce the cost of air conditioning. Usage of a solar powered fan at home has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of using a solar powered fan

  • The solar powered fans are designed as such that these fans when they operate are really quiet.
  • The device doesn’t need any wire setup from the mains unit of the electricity thus lowers the cost of installation and the time given in doing so.
  • The device will cost the user nothing once it has been installed (until and unless it goes for a repair which is rare).
  • The device helps to cut down the total usage of electricity by the user.
  • Due to the variations in speed by the amount of electricity generated by the solar panel by means of the solar energy, the fan is capable of adapting to any climate.
  • The fan is maintenance free and as stated doesn’t cost anything after the fan has been installed.

Disadvantages of using a solar powered fan  

  • The device will work only if there is sun shining brightly outside otherwise it turns to be useless object at night.
  • Even when the sun is shining it should be really bright for it to work efficiently.
  • The initial cost of installation of a solar fan is much more than the installation cost of the traditional fan.
  • These devices have a small motor as compared to the traditional electrical fans and are thus not so powerful.
  • The houses which are in regions of high velocity wind are not ideal places to install the solar fan.

If you are interested to take a step towards a greener planet, and install a solar fan for you office/ home, you can click here to know more about them.

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