So You Think You Want an Orangery


If you’re looking to make an addition to your house, an orangery is a great choice to consider. An orangery is slightly different from a conservatory in that the orangery is designed to look and feel slightly more stable. Also, an orangery will typically have more brick and/or wood than a conservatory. It will still include a large amount of windows, for they were originally designed to allow you to grow citrus fruits even during a UK winter. They’re greenhouses where you can sit and read a book or watch television.

Call a Builder

If you think you want an orangery, you need to first call some great builders in PL3. They’ll be able to tell you if you can even have an orangery installed on your property. For most people, the concern is space and the actual landscape. If you don’t have much space around your house, you might need to have them convert one of the existing exterior rooms into an orangery. If the landscape is not conducive to a new installation, that may be your choice as well.

Plan the Look

An orangery is a great addition to your space, for it will allow you to add a room that is bathed in light without the aesthetic of a conservatory. While conservatories are great additions to homes, they are not appropriate for every type of house. If you want a room that looks and feels like the permanent parts of your house but also allows in the maximum amount of light, you need an orangery.

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