Small Kitchen Ideas for Your Renovation


Renovating a kitchen can be a challenge, but when you have limited space, it can be even more frustrating. Kitchen renovations require some careful planning, but you can still enjoy some excellent results with these fantastic ideas.

The Cube

One of the best small kitchen inspirations is the cube. This creates a defined kitchen area without cramping the space or closing out the area. You will need to keep things organised and near, but your counter can serve as a dining area or breakfast bar. This means it is even more space saving.

Open Up Using a Skylight

One of the biggest challenges of small kitchen renovations is a lack of light. While it is possible to use spotlights, pendants and other forms of artificial light, nothing beats the feeling of fresh air. Adding a skylight allows you to extend your kitchen’s visual space and create an airy, natural feeling in your kitchen with a unique feature.

Add Pull Out Work Areas

Countertop space is always at a premium in kitchens, but more so in a small room. If you want a highly functional kitchen, you need plenty of workspace. However, you need not have lots of real estate, as you can get a little creative with pull out areas. A hidden chopping board can pull out of a prep area or add more space that easily folds away.

Be Clever With Colour

Colour can be used to great effect to create a greater feeling of space. Painting your walls white can make your room look larger, but white can seem a little stark or glaring. Fortunately, you can compensate for this with an off white shade. A warm off white colour will allow a small kitchen to look bigger, with a clean and beautiful finish.

Add Big Features

If you don’t have a lot of space to style, you can still add finesse with large features. You can stop your small kitchen from looking bland with interesting drop lights, or an oversized wall clock.

Organise Your Space

If your kitchen is uncluttered, it will immediately look larger. Try to keep your counters clear by making the most of your space in your cabinets and drawers. Install drawer organisers, racks, and other organisational devices to ensure that every centimetre of cabinet space is used efficiently.

Add Rich Metallic Textures

Even if you’ve painted your walls white to maximise the appearance of space, you can add interest and character with rich metallic textures and detailing. Chrome appliances, gold lamp shades, bronze bar stools or even copper pan racks can add functionality and interest.

If you’re planning small kitchen renovations and need some kitchen design style ideas, you should speak to us. At The Maker, we have a fantastic range of cabinets to suit all sizes of kitchen. Our team is ready with some amazing kitchen inspirations ideas to help you plan your ideal new kitchen.

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