Sleeping and Studies: Picking Out the Most Comfortable Dorm Beds


Heading for college means getting away from home and spending four or more years living in dormitories. It’s necessary to consider many factors when it comes to choosing the best dorm to live, especially the quality of the beds that you will lie down after a tiring day at school.

Among other household items, the bed is the most important thing to consider because you will be spending more of your time lying throughout your lifetime. And study proves that getting enough sleep will make a person feel better, will help them live a healthier life, and will make them more productive.

University students have more chances of getting insufficient sleep because of hectic schedules, homesickness, and projects.

Below are some guides that will help them find the right bed for dormitories and residence hall:

Size that will best suit you

Considering the size of the bed and the space of the place is also important. It should be the right size for their freedom to move. They should note the measure of the space of the bed that is required to fit in and also the doorways to ensure that the bed can get inside the room.

Most college students only live alone in their dorms, so they should have single beds only.  But still, the way they move while sleeping should be considered. Some dorms have large rooms, and a group of students occupies it. In such cases, king beds or bunk beds are must-haves.

Quality for a long lasting rest

In choosing the right beds or mattresses, it is important to consider the quality because university students will be lying here most of the time during their whole stay in their dorms. No one should wake up feeling tired with an aching back just because of saggy and lumpy mattresses.

In checking quality, double check the softness and firmness of the mattress, the fabric used to topped the foam and the type of spring used. Students should buy the best quality or value of beds that can be affordable and comfortable.

Type of Mattress

Every college student also needs to consider the type of bed based on their definition of comfort. When it comes to a supportive and comfortable mattress, there are three common types:

  • Adjustable Air: There is an electric pump attached to the bed for you to adjust your desired firmness. These have layers added on top such as foams. But it is best to pump the bed during the daytime because the noise can be annoying.
  • Innerspring: This type of mattress is usually the most widely sold because it is the cheapest variety. This type also often includes infused gel, a pillow top layers and some layers of cushion. It’s easy to shift position in this kind of mattress, but on some models, you tend to bounce.
  • Memory foam: This is best for students who suffer from back and joint pain because it softens when someone lies on it and forms on the body. And it bounces back to its original shape when no one’s lying. Some variations of memory latex foam which are hypoallergenic include infused gel to keep the mattress fresh.

Unique Bed Features

Some beds are not just ordinary beds. Some have unique features that make the person more comfortable, and that can also meet their health needs. Some mattresses are hypoallergenic and designed especially for allergy sufferers.

Some also are designed to ease back, muscle, and joint pains. Some include a layer of gel-infused foam to provide a cooling effect that helps reduce the heat of lying down.

Test the Bed

In shopping for the best beds and mattresses, it should be important to try the bed and lie for a couple of minutes. You can lie on your sleeping position and also on each side of your body and on your back to ensure that your body is comfortable.

No one can check if the bed gives the best comfort just by sitting on the edge. Some college dormitories already have beds on it, so students can just look for rooms that have the most comfortable beds


Being a University student is a stepping stone for a better career and future. They will strive hard and even sacrifice being away from home and family. Studying is a given factor for them to succeed but if they are not comfortable in their rooms or beds, it might be a hindrance for them to stay focused

Having a good rest by lying and sleeping peacefully in bed can be a reason for them to be more energetic, more focused and be more productive every day.

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Rachel Minahan works as an interior designer for clients around the world.  She always checks the web for new designs that she can use for her everyday customers. During her spare time, Rachel also writes different blogs related to her fields, like dream houses and luxury furniture. But despite her busy schedule, she still has time to spend and babysit Bud, her pet husky.

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