Simple ways to create an eco-friendly home


More and more people these days are becoming environmentally conscious. If you’re eco-friendly not only are you helping to save the planet but also contributing towards a sustainable environment that could end up saving you money.

Making your home eco-friendly doesn’t have to be expensive either; after all, green living is all about making better choices and not spending lots of money. Here are some simple ways you can create an eco friendly home.

Use non-toxic paints

The air inside is said to be three times more polluted than the air outdoors, and paint is one of its biggest causes of indoor pollution. Regular paint contains everything from metals to formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs), that are not only harmful to the environment but can also damage your health. So, if your home needs a touch up, give it a fresh look with non toxic paints that use natural pigments and sustainable materials.

Start using natural cleaning products

Another reason for indoor pollution is often because of the use of cleaning products. Everyday conventional cleaning products contain non-biodegradable and toxic chemicals which end up in our waterways, damaging the lives of plants and animals.

Low flow toilets and showerheads

If you install low flow toilet seats and showerheads, not only will it save you money on water bills but it’ll also conserve one of the earth’s most precious resources – water. Shower heads that were manufactured before 1992 use around 5.5 gallons of water a minute, while low flow shower heads use only about 2.5 gallons. Low flow toilets use half as much water too.

If you’re unable to buy yourself a new toilet at the moment, there is a simpler way to save money by making your current toilet more efficient. All you need to do is fill two one litre bottles of water with gravel, flush your toilet and then put the bottles in the tank. This saves two litres of water every time you flush.

Check your windows

Windows can be a weak point in some people’s homes. Ones that are poorly insulated will lose up 40% of your home’s heating. Of course, getting brand new windows fitted is going to be expensive so instead make your current ones more efficient by looking for gaps and re-sealing them.

An eco-friendly bed

To make your bedroom ‘green’, get yourself an eco-friendly bed. You should look for a bed that is made using natural materials that sustainable and renewable. Divan Beds Centre – Bed Bases are available in a number of different styles, so find one that suits your new and improved eco friendly bedroom.

Use household appliances thoughtfully

Even though most of your household appliances are energy efficient, you should still use them thoughtfully as it will help stop putting a strain on the environment while also saving you money. Overfilling a kettle wastes money as well as running the washing machine or dishwasher frequently. Try to keep your usage to a minimum and use them only when you really need to.

These aren’t the only things you can do to reduce your environmental footprint, but starting with these simple ways first will help you towards becoming more eco-conscious in other aspects of your life too.

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