Simple Tips to Make Window Cleaning Easy


Cleaner windows help create a good impression on your visitors. However, it is quite amazing to see that few people understand that importance of regular window cleaning. While you can certainly expect better results by asking a professional window cleaner to clean all your windows, you can always handle the task on your own. You just need to follow some simple instructions to have sparkling windows. You may already be familiar with the simple task of window cleaning, but here are some tips to help you achieve better results.

  • Be sure to make use of two scrubbers. When handling the task on your own, you need to rely heavily on scrubbers. They will help get rid of any pollutants and dirt in an effective way. You should keep two scrubbers with you and ensure that you use a new scrubber for inside because the one that you have used for outside may contain pollutants, bird excrement, and dust.
  • Make use of liquid dish detergent. You may be thinking that you need a high quality cleaning solution to bring your windows back to glory, but that is not always true. Something as simple as liquid dish detergent can work wonders. It is a good idea to use your regular kitchen dish liquid to remove the grease and dirt because it also makes the glass more slipper for squeegee to glide over it nicely. Using a 100%, biodegradable soap is a good choice, especially if you have kids in your home who love putting their mouth on the sills.
  • Try vinegar for stubborn window stains. While a soapy solution usually works great, you do not need to try commercial-grade cleaners to deal with stubborn stains. Vinegar will help you get quality results here. Vinegar is great for window cleaning because it cuts grease without streaking the glass. Just make solution with 50% water and 50% white vinegar and use it with the help of a sponge to clean your windows.
  • Take advantage of steel wool whenever possible. Vinegar really helps clear tough stains but you can get better results by using steel wool. This may be a great idea if you have to remove adhesive residue, tree sap, or other tenacious stains. Simply apply some vinegar solution to the glass and use your steel wool to buff away the stains. Be sure to use super-fine steel wool for the whole process.
  • Try other power tools to deal with tough stains. There are many power tools that can make the whole cleaning task a tad easier. You can use a buffing wheel along with a mild abrasive to scrub away some tough stains. In case you are working near the window sash, it is important to protect it with masking tape.

Using these simple tips will make the window cleaning process a lot simpler. You can get rid of most stains using simple tips, but sometimes, you need to hire a professional to handle certain stains. Hiring a professional may also be a good idea if you have several windows that need attention.

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