Signs Your Commercial Boiler Needs Servicing


When the boiler system at your business fails to run as it should or stops working completely, you want an experienced local HVAC contractor that can quickly troubleshoot, perform your commercial repair, and restore heat in a minimal amount of time.

You need a specialist in commercial boiler servicing in Northumberland that focuses on commercial heating systems, including complex control and boiler systems for industrial and commercial buildings.

Warning Signs

Where you see smoke, there is fire. Just because your commercial boiler hasn’t had the chance to break down yet doesn’t mean that it isn’t close to doing just that. Look out for these following signs as they could mean that your heating system is about to leave your whole business in the cold.

  • Noises and Odours: Strong odours or loud booming noises from your vents or registers, including any smells of burning, could mean that you have a major mechanical issue.
  • Cold and Hot Spots: Uneven temperatures are not only uncomfortable for your employees or customers but they usually mean that something in your boiler system is not functioning properly. Catching these types of issues early on can save you an immense amount of money and time in addition to avoiding a costly emergency boiler service visit.
  • Surge in Energy Costs: Energy bills that are excessively high mean that something within your boiler system is not operating as efficiently as it should. A simple commercial boiler tune-up should solve these problems as a professional technician will complete a thorough inspection and clean, replace, and repair broken parts.

Commercial Boiler System HVAC Repair Costs

In general, boiler heat systems cost more than other types of commercial heating systems. This is typically due to the complexity of the equipment and the time that it takes for the technician to safely diagnose the issue. If not addressed properly, the temperatures and high pressures of a boiler heat system can be dangerous and even fatal if not addressed cautiously by a professional.

The actual cost of repair will vary based on a number of factors including the type of fuel that your system utilises (oil, electricity, propane, natural gas), what needs to be replaced or repaired, and the urgency of the repair.

When you are hiring a professional HVAC contractor to service your commercial boiler system, beware of cheap quotes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In some cases, inexperienced contractors will simply perform a symptom diagnostic and swap out the broken part without identifying the root cause of the issue. This could leave your commercial heating system vulnerable to other issues in the near future.

A reputable commercial heating and cooling company will identify all problematic aspects of your heating system with a complete diagnostic report before informing you of the scope of repair.

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