Shower Curtains ideas for guest room decor


A guest room is indeed something different from the other rooms. It leaves an impression, hence has to be the most creative. One needs to take a little extra care about these rooms. Each section of the room needs to be equipped with right set of products. Especially, the basic things like shower curtains should be given priority as it can leave that good impression on your guest’s mind. On this context, given below are some nice shower curtains ideas for your guest room decoration.

Pick the best size as per your room:

Everyone wants that their guest finds the desired comfort in the guest room. On this contest, it certainly won’t be a good idea to hang a larger shower curtains inside a smaller room. This would indeed make the guest feel clumsy inside the room. Similarly, a small shower curtains for a larger bathroom is also not a good idea. Hence, it is recommended to be very sure about the measurements prior buying the curtain.

It should be very formal:

It’s indeed good to be stylish or to try something different. But, when it comes about shower curtains for your guest room, it is better not to try too much. Keeping things simple would be rather more impressive. The best idea would be to go with a single color option. You can go with white as well. If you opt for the curtains with stripes, make sure it is not too exaggerated or too bold.

Have the best curtain rings for proper movement:

As explained above, you would never wish that your guest suffers from any kind of issue during his/her stay. On this context, make sure the shower curtains can move properly through the curtain rings. In other words, your guest should be able in sliding the curtain from one end to the other. Keep it at proper height. Moreover, there should be enough rings and those must be functioning well.

Curtains with embroidery can be impressive:

If you want to make things absolutely impressive for your guest, try to add something artistic in it. In this context for shower curtains, you may go with the curtains having embroidery articulacy. This is indeed going to be impressive for your guest. Such beautiful works develop positive mindset. It makes a reason for the guest to praise your hospitality. Good news is that one can find a great variety of color combination for these products.

Curtains with message:

This is a trending idea these days. Print a beautiful quote or a message; even you can print a nice short poem on your beautiful shower curtains. Print something in a way that would make the guest happier. This will be something new and memorable for him/her. The best part, you can remove one print when it gets old and something different in its place. It means you can present a different quote for your guest every time he/she visits. This would no doubt be something impressive and new for them.


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